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rating [ 1/10 ]
My wife and I travel all over CA, AZ, NV & OR with our concession business. We were going to stay in this park so we could work at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino. We made reservations for a week stay while we were five hours away. We told Mgr/Owner Pam the length of our rig with our trailer and that we also had a truck. As we arrived it was just getting dark. Because of the very bad area of town they have a access code gate so I called ahead and told the owner/mgr Pam that we were within five minutes of arrival so please open the gate so we won't be blocking the street, she said ok. We arrived and of course the gate was closed and we had to actually stop in the center lane of traffic and I had to run across a busy street to put in the access code and then run back and wait until cars moved around us before I was able to enter the park!!! VERY DANGEROUS!!! Once we arrived we were then told we would have to rent 2 spaces for each night we were there because we had a bigger truck than they thought. They were extremely rude to us. They had never asked us what size our truck was when we made the reservation. We don't know their park, they should be asking us sizes if that is a concern. We left to go camp at the National Orange Show grounds. Since we had planned to stay for a week at this park, I was having some of our supplies delivered there. Now that we were having to leave, the owner refused to accept the packages for me that I wanted to pickup the next day. All of this happened without me even leaving my MH! These were by far the rudest people running a park I have ever come across. Once we arrived at the Orange Show, the staff told us that they have heard nothing but bad things about the San Bernardino RV Park. Also I want to make sure that everyone that reads this knows that it is located in a VERY BAD area of town. Right down the street we saw 2 hookers on the sidewalk with one of them bending over talking to a man in a car. If you are SMART you will look elsewhere to stay. WE DID NOT STAY AT THIS PARK.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Simply a place to park and hook-up. There are no amenities at this fairground. All sites are back-in, side-by-side. No trees, pads, tables, etc. All sites are dirt backing up to horse racing track.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Beautiful new park. All sites have some grass and a small tree. Once trees get larger this park will be nicely shaded. Excellent hookups, very clean. I personaly have never stayed at such a clean and neat park. Would recommend this park to everyone.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Great quiet park. No sewer hookups, just water and electric. Clean park with tall shade trees. Nice place to stay. Park is next to runway of a glider airport. Excellent place to stay if you have a glider. The only sounds we heard were from a few take-offs in the morning and the wind. Definitely will stay here in the future. The eight rating is because there is no sewer hookup for longer stays.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed at this park while working at the San Fernando Valley Fair. This park has had some hard times, but is on the rebound. Improvements are being made. The park is largely dirt yet the park has large shade trees. There is nothing at each site. No table, grass, slab or space designations. Just park between the power boxes. The park may look a little run down, yet the owners are making continual improvements. Pool is excellent. Restrooms and showers were being renovated at the time of our stay. This park would be a wise choice if planning a visit to Magic Mountain Theme Park. The drive to Magic Mountain is further than other parks yet the price is half of the others. Park is quiet with the exception of the occasional train near the park. Park managers were very friendly and pleasant.
rating [ 2/10 ]
Dirty, dusty park with eucalyptus trees that drop sticky residue on your vehicle and RV. Our space was infested with large ants that got into our RV. Park has many long term permanent residents that do not take care of there RV's. They are covered in tree debris and cobwebs. I unintentionally exceeded the 5 mph speed limit in the park. I apologized to an angry permanent resident which continued to harass myself and my wife after the apology. I stayed at this park as a last resort due to other parks being filled at the time. I will not stay here again.
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