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rating [ 3/10 ]
This park has gone far downhill from my stays in past years. Cable TV did not work and staff was not helpful. WiFi did not work 90% of the time. Staff was rude and told me to use the pavilion rather than campsite and that too many users were the problem. Dogs were running loose everywhere. One Work Camper appeared to have 6 dogs in their small camper including a 175 lb rottweiler that got loose. I have a tiny westie and it was not safe to take him out. The dog park is just a dirt cage, no grass and a few weeds. I have stayed in KOAs perhaps 50% of my travels since 1974 and never given a bad rating, this is my first. Cannot recommend and do not ever expect to stay here again. I paid $49 for 5 nights for a premium site. The restrooms and showers were immaculate and the grounds clean. In our 5 day stay we went to the office 3 times for assistance. Three different desk persons, were unable to even give directions to local attractions, and seemed to be put out that we even asked. Maybe they need a new manager to fix the technical issues, round up the dogs, and work with the staff. Oh yes, a small swimming pool and hot tub will not accommodate 263 sets of campers, so advertising such for use is not really accurate.
rating [ 5/10 ]
This is an older KOA that I have stayed at several times the last decade. It continues to become more and more run down. The gravel has washed away and many are dirt sites. Old construction equipment (tracthoe or something and construction materials abandoned on the property). Many trees have died from lack of water. The dog park is just an enclosed weed patch, as was the entire property. A little broadleaf killer would work wonders. Loose dogs were common and there was never a staff member outside the office one time. My wife and I both visited the office and the 2 ladies there must have been having very bad days. I did notice that small cups of coffee is available for $1.50 and old video rentals for $11.00. Seems kind of high since they are less to purchase ar Walmart. I thought the park had cable TV available, but did not see any sites with it. The train is quite loud and will wake the soundest sleeper. Not much other choice if you need a place to stay, but a little paint, a little gravel and a smile from the staff would sure help this old place. Also noticed that they packed all the campers in close to each other and left big sections empty. Would have been nice to be spread among all the vacant space, especially since there were loose dogs. Really cannot recommend this park.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This park is a part of the casino property. Most sites are pull through and extremely large, concrete, and level. One of the best parks across the nation for ease of access. The park is well cared for, the greenest grass, and excellent maintenance. There is not a dog park but huge outer areas to walk dogs. Rules say they must be on a leash, but we saw lots of loose ones. Really a bargain for large units. The park has no fence or access control, but security comes around fairly often.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a military base, no guns or ammo, they did search my trailer. The park is 8 miles down a range road at 30 mph. The lake is low. I did kill a rattlesnake near the park and before saw one in the campground, so be aware. The view is good, all sites are gravel, but fairly level. Wifi did not work most of the time. There is no dog park or pen and they must be on a leash at all times. Artillery fire may be heard frequently, but overall an OK park.
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