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rating [ 1/10 ]
Was never so let down in a place that the Website lied about. First of all the entire place was so run down, the grounds were unbelievably shabby compared to the others we stayed at around the area. All the sites had very old electrical outlets and the Wi Fi was never reliable, we were for ever talking to a Man who referred to himself as the "Manger" that was walking around behind a Wheel Chair. He explained that the place had only just changed ownership and that there were going to be amazing changes this summer to up grade the grounds. We were upset about the two Pit bulls that were tethered to some old boat moorings they challenged our little dogs every time we walked around the landing. One day one of the dogs broke the rope it was tied to and charged one of our Members, I said something to the Man who proclaimed to be the Manger about this and he informed our group that nothing would be done about it because the Owner of the R.V Park was good friends of the people who owned the two dogs. The other side of this Camp Ground is larger than the waterside but it is in worse shape by far, how can someone who owns a R.V Park charge the rates he does when the place is so beat up and run down. Next to the Office is a very old and run down Motor Home that has a smaller R.V parked along side with a very rusted top, ( it appeared to not run ) this place stank of decay and liqueur. The one trailer next to it was not as bad but it to was clearly beat up also, is this a R.V Park or Mobile Home Park for the Homeless?. We did how ever notice one single smaller older Trailer up front that the person clearly cares enough to place a nice little wooden fence around it. This so called Rest a While R.V Park really needs to not worry so much about renting the place out until the Owner steps up and up grades it. We will not be back and will be informing many other Groups about the poor condition of the place.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We heard a lot about this place from other campers that post on RV Park Reviews. This camp ground was packed to the brim, dogs-kids every where and boy was it noisy--fun as hell to be around. The park offered a lake access below where we were parked and there was a lot of games going on on the beach. We will for sure be coming back again next year.
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