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rating [ 7/10 ]
This is a very nice wooded Campground with some great amenities. However you should not rely on the office staff or their website for directions. The person who answered the phone admitted right away that she was no good with directions, why is she answering the phone? If you are answering a phone for the Park, be it a family owned 120 sites, to a corporate park with over 1000 sites, you better be ready to tell that person how to find the park. While we liked this park, our site had 30 amp and our RV has 50 amp, but no problem we carry an adapter. Early in the morning the 30-amp beaker tripped while I was brewing coffee, seems to me this should not happen. If we visit the Oregon coast again, we will not be stopping in Cannon Beach as there are other parts of the coast that we prefer. Nothing against Cannon Beach. This RV Park is fine: they just need to step it up a notch and they would have gotten the highest rating I could given them.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Many improvements to this park and under new management (Friendly). The facilities upgrades are wounderful, Pool & Hot tube have recently been resurfaced and the Pool deck was completely redone. The Golf coarse looks great. the Ballroom has had a major face lift. We would stay here again when in Yuma.
rating [ 8/10 ]
A nice Park! It has a lot of Gunsmoke Memorabilia in office.
rating [ 9/10 ]
A great park! We wound up staying 3 nights due to wind and a storm front. Next time our route takes us through Lincoln, we would definitely spend a least 1 night. The staff was very friendly and helpful!
rating [ 8/10 ]
Under New Management! Well as some of you may know in the winter months we travel to different locations in the country and Workamper at RV parks. This winter we have been at a large RV Park 1075 sites in Arizona. When we arrived the managing couple had a tight fist on the reigns and had been in control for several years. The wife was in charge and had many issues. Her biggest issue was she was a total control freak, so much so that her husband was her yes man (yes dear). She had a hard time treating him or anyone in the park nicely. She did not like pets and therefore was very unaccommodating to those traveling with pets, once the pet section filled up we had to turn people away even though there were about 150 open sites many near the pet section. They gave the resignation and had set a May 1st date as their departure, New managers in training were hired by the owner and arrived mid February. The Manager would not let them have keys, would not show them a lot of things about the park or its operation. Every one working for the park thought there was some funny things going on with the books. Then late one night the manager turned off the security cameras and was caught shredding documents! Well when the owner heard about this that was the end of the old manager. Late the next day the new management had to serve an eviction notice to the old management. The new management held meetings and trusted the workampers and even asked for our help and suggestions. This continued right down to the annual residents and the guests. This park is a whole new place. Before the management change we were planning an early exit from this park, now we are planning on staying till our contract is up and have been asked back which we thought about. We wound up declining to return next winter as there is not enough attraction photographically to the area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
One of the best National Forest Service campgrounds in the country. We live full time in our 40 foot MH with 4 slides and we stay here twice a year . There are several sites big rigs will fit into , although it might take some work to get into them. There are huge pull thoughs as well as back ins. You are right next to the BWCA Wilderness. Its a nature lover's paradise.
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