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rating [ 10/10 ]
Although this was our first stay, this is one of our favorite parks now. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating (they were able to fit us in at 75'.) The park is incredibly well maintained and regularly patrolled by the Dakota Sheriff's office. There's a beautiful playground for the kids, trails and if you don't find enough to do in the park, Apple Valley is only minutes away and there's everything you can imagine there. If that still isn't enough, the Mall of America is only ~20 minutes away. They run a tight ship here, but I appreciated that. Great place!
rating [ 4/10 ]
We really wanted to like this KOA as the owner was very nice and accommodating, but we were unfortunately ready to be out of there after a week. It seems the owner takes a lot of pride in his facility, as he should, but he needs to run a little more of a tight ship. There's a few longer-term residents (they weren't there on the weekend, so I assume they're temp workers that live there during the week) that don't seem to share the owner's sense of pride in the facility. The camper next to us, for example, had garbage and "stuff" all over his site and some on ours as well. They had garbage on the playground (which adjoined their site) as well. The maintenance staff, rather than picking it up, just ran it over with the mowers and further spread it around. I ended up picking up some of it as it was driving my wife crazy. There was construction material (lattice, etc.) that was dumped near the creek that separates the two halves of the campground. The dumpsters were overflowing (they do pick up your trash though). We did not check out the bathrooms, but the owners/hosts have a little white dog that ran through the mud in the horse pen, then proceeded to jump into our vehicle as my wife was loading laundry. It got muddy paw prints all over the inside of the car - seats, dash, doors, etc. I think that was merely an accident, someone put the dog away shortly after, so we didn't make a "thing" of it. But, it was still extremely annoying. Overall, it was by far our dirtiest KOA experience to date, but it seems to be due more to the fact that they let longer term residents do whatever they want (like idle their obnoxiously loud, modified pickup trucks at 5-6am, every morning, for a good half hour while they get ready for work) and with it being the off-season, they may not have the staff to stay on top of it. They seemed to be putting in additional sites and they clearly care about the landscaping which was nice, they just need to maintain consistency as it currently lends to an awkward and off-putting experience.
rating [ 4/10 ]
The good: Well maintained and relatively clean, the office staff are friendly, there are sites available on the Grand River and there's a great playground for the kids. The bad: The campground seems to be overrun by permanent residents that really take away from the visual appeal of the park. A lot of old equipment. One resident had a dune buggy. Another one had erected a plastic/PVC tent garage that stuck out into the road. Pets were unleashed. There were permanent residents coming in at midnight with cargo trailers. We camped with a 45' DP. They told us on the phone they could accommodate it with full hookups, but we ended up on a 30 Amp non-sewer site. The roads are gravel and very dusty. We would definitely not stay here again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Incredibly convenient park with some of the nicest staff I've encountered in a facility. The maintenance manager took me around the resort in his own vehicle to find me the perfect site! Clean facility, sites are relatively level. If possible, get the back sites for an extended stay. They're much more peaceful. The only thing holding me back from a perfect review is the roads. They're very dusty! We will definitely stay here again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
We are staying here for a week to visit family. The office staff are friendly and the campground itself appears to be maintained. There's a lot of unharnessed potential here, but it needs work. The pull-through sites (the only sites that offer sewer hookups) are very tight and are "buddy" sites. You share patio space with your neighbor. Unless you know the person you're camping with, it's an unwelcome arrangement and one the facility really needs to give consideration too. Apart from the buddy site arrangement, it's very convenient and I'd stay here frequently. Unless you like to be packed in with people you don't know, you may wish to consider another campground.
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