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rating [ 7/10 ]
FOY RV Park. Nice people, fairly relaxed environment, beautiful water. Probably better in your own self-sufficient rigs as showers were not felt as sanitary; but there is a peace that comes with this spring water that cannot be explained. You must stay at least a week to leave understanding what is said. This deep peace seems to be a very we'll kept secret of this mysterious, beautiful area of the world. that is about all I can say because the waters stoled the show. I bottled some up at the source right where it comes out of the ground & we drink it & use it in our hair & on our skin in our creams. Floated around resting for hours on a drooping swim Matt for fun.
rating [ 2/10 ]
There is kindness in the host and beauty in the surrounding area. Travelers very much appreciate needed services and respect the effort it takes to run a place. This is a very small park. There is 1 shower stall for the entire park both men and women must use. The shower stall is very unsanitary: all the walls, floor, shower curtain and temp control handle, it was very sad and possibly due to backgrounds and educational upbringing because this host is a very kind woman. All it would take is Ajax abrasive cleanser, a ton of bleach, some really strong brushes of a few different sizes and a new $5 shower curtain a week from WalMart to get this acceptable, and a resealing job for the walls are disconnecting at their seams. It makes you very sad to be tired, pull in late, and face fear of even your finger tapping a wall accidentally or an accidental imbalance causing your skin to tap the shower curtain. Even what you attempt to set your things upon is in filth and the website is done so well, there is no real clue offered you. This is very small, only a couple spaces are to be found so be aware it is a rough stay as for cleanliness. There is no deep cleaning present in restrooms (there is 1 toilet for men/1 for women) and this is not stated as an unkind complaint, but as a courtesy warning. They do allow tents.
rating [ 4/10 ]
2 sides are very loud: Highway side & the truck stop side (Flying J). While not being unkind to animal owners, the park needs to more fully enforce animal droppings' pick up on the 2 far right side isles that are pretty bad if you need to walk on the grass that gets you to the far right back restroom or the long grass to the right side of the park (agricultural side, not the Flying J side). This is a new situation, feces all over the grasses over there. There's a new manager "Randy" openly standoffish toned. The part-owner authority, Ms. Kim, who was present managing up until earlier in the year & the year prior, is generally a very kind person in contrast & it seems she's unaware of the new interaction negative. The park generally is overpriced whether you stay monthly ($600) for wind mill work or a couple nights ($35). The hot tub is generally kept with unclear, unchanged water (chemical treatment isn't enough, they need to 'change' the water way more often) & the pool in a very murky state. Most tv posts don't work so don't count on tv, & a "satellite" cable is needed because a 'regular' tv cable isn't effective on the posts that do work. I think a maintenance man's (Steve?)working on some of that so if you can tell him of a bad post, he tries to change a rusted connection that's gone bad on a lot of them but not sure how long that takes, if it can be done before you're gone (just test/fix them all?). Other than that, it's hard to get noticed negative management interaction issues told to someone that's concerned. Ms. Kim needs to enforce a large, noticeable sign imposed in the lobby that allows contact information to the ownership above the management for a more respectful, positive interaction presence when needed because it's likely very safe to say ownership is unaware this is now going on. You bring the apartment when you bring your motorhome, so $600 for a work month is quite a lot. It's sad it is one of the only places in the area available though. It's nice to have options. A plus is the restrooms were clean, but no one voluntarily turns the lights & fans out although there's signs asking for this; they were on each time restrooms were entered.
rating [ 7/10 ]
They are relaxed enough they let you move the picnic tables around and that gives the park a pleasant relaxed feel. We returned to this park and they have cleaned the pool, hot tub. The hot tub was finally warm! After over 2 years of revisiting this COLD hot tub and the pool was just frighteningly filthy with far too much heavy burning chemicals hurting our skin and eyes. I was really glad to see this improvement of clear normal water with more balanced chemicals. The bathrooms and laundry facilities have a very pleasant relaxed energy, but the shower stalls still have heavy uncleaned build up under the rubber mats and this has been present in over 2 years of revisiting this park. That is still there. There are about 1/2 the dryers that don't dry your clothes so they need new elements installed, that also has been there for the over 2 year period we've visited this park for work purposes. The park does have a nice feel to it, it feels friendly and relaxed much more than any I've ever been to. There are several different prices being paid by those that are staying there for work purposes for a month or more. Of two visitors standing there, both having been there a number of months for work purposes for example, one stated they're paying $550 per month, the other standing there is paying $600 per month and those tenants standing next to each other revealed they didn't know the other was paying $50 less than the other. The fee is excessive when you see apartments can be rented for that much in the Ellensburg area, with your own RV unit this should not be priced so high. The putting others at different fees puts us off when we come across this in RV parks, and I'm hoping they'll keep get their prices back onto the cheaper side, reasonable, and fair without this discrepancy continuing. If they keep the pool and hot tub clean, get the restroom showers cleaned under the mats (the build up is a long-term type left unaddressed), and get their pricing in better more reasonable order, it would make the service a much more reliable one to turn to. Good garbage service.
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