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rating [ 8/10 ]
There are several of us that stay in our RV's because work has brought us here. Nice overall park, but for monthly stays, it is different. Rules are not the same for everyone. They are not pet friendly. They charge you more for the pet spaces than renting a small house or apartment: $715.00 for medium to big dogs. They say for the other pet spots, your pet has to be under 30lbs, or if you have more than one, the combined weight not to exceed 30lbs. The manager is also not very nice. She has no people skills, always very sharp and nasty, several have complained. The summers at the pool are a joke. There is no supervision. Outsiders with lots of kids come in, they even let kids (as little as 3 months old) in the hot tub. Several of us leaving to another park that welcomes medium dogs at a lot better rate.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here a couple of months. The sites are a little too close. It is pet friendly: nice for larger dogs. Has a nice staff, and is a well maintained park.
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