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rating [ 7/10 ]
You will be impressed when you pull in to the park as it is beautifully landscaped with rock and palm trees. The driveway leads you straight to the main building for registration. You walk in to the registration area. Off of the registration area are a gym and sauna, small gift shop with a beauty parlor and a bar/ restaurant/ bowling alley that leads out to the pool area. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The food in the restaurant was surprisingly good. A lot of effort has been put in to this park to make your stay an enjoyable one. That was the good news. Now here is the bad. Once you get away from the main building the roads are very narrow. All of the spaces are pretty narrow and you have to back in. The parking area for your tow vehicle or toad is on the left side of the RV. This leaves a very narrow area for exiting your rig. If you want to sit outside you have to sit on the opposite side from your door. With our slides out we could not walk around our rig because of the vegetation. To their credit the gentleman that took us to our spot came back and trimmed a tree and a few plants so that we could open our slides. This is not a dog friendly park either. They welcome pets, but they do not have a dog walk or run. What they said was a dog walk was a small dirt area way in the back of the park. We took our dogs across the street from the park into the desert because it was much more convent. In the summer it will be very hard on the dogs as the park is all cement and asphalt. There is no grass and the very small area between the RV spots are gravel and plants and trees. I'm not saying that we wouldn't go back, but there are other parks in the Pahrump area that we would choose first.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We traveled with a group of four RVs and had made our reservations in February. We arrived at 5:45 pm to find the office closed. The sign on the door stated that they would be open until 6 pm. The paper work was waiting for us, but none of us had been given the shower or Wi-Fi codes. Even with early reservations, we did not have the four spaces together. The park is all paved with narrow lanes and sites. A novice may have a difficult time. We barely fit in our site. They did have a very nice dog walk. We would definitely not stay here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We traveled here with a group of four RVs. Check in was quick and they put all four of us together; however, they did not issue a detailed receipt and only a copy of the resort layout was provided, not an original. The sites were a good size and all had fire pits. This is an older park and from their web site we expected quite a few more trees. The restrooms, showers and laundry were centrally located in the park. They were all neat and clean. However, one of our folks had trouble getting the heat to work in one of the shower rooms and said that the hot water wasn’t that hot. The garbage and recycle area is next to the showers and laundry room. The area was pretty nasty and had a foul odor about it. There is a very small open pet area next to the restrooms and laundry area. The website also advertises beach access. There is beach access; however, you have to climb over two rocky areas to get to the beach. It would be difficult for a young healthy person to carry lawn chairs, coolers, etc. to the beach. Older folks or folks with disabilities would find this very difficult or impossible to navigate. There are also quite a few permanent folks in this park. We were awakened every week day morning between 6 am and 6:30 am with all the diesel engines firing up to leave for work. The park is nice, but over priced. I think that you could find other parks in the area that are just as nice or nicer for less than the nearly $50 a night that we paid. The Wi-Fi signal was very strong. We would not stay here again at that price.
rating [ 9/10 ]
It was a very clean and neat park. Restrooms and laundry room were very clean and conveniently located in the middle of the park. There were four RVs in our travel group and they checked us in quickly and put us all next to each other. The spots were pretty close together with no room for fire pits. However, there was a nice group area with two large fire pits at the end of each row. One very small closed in dog walk by laundry room and another away from the park in woods where the dogs could be off leash. The Wi-Fi signal was strong when it was working. It was very intermittent while we were there. We would definitely stay there again.
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