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rating [ 1/10 ]
Extremely noisy park; planes overhead, train in rear, freeway in front plus very busy road! Noise begins at 0500; motorcycles add to the confusion! I stayed at parks where motorcycles are asked to begin at gate; I complained to the very unfriendly staff that fact and was told, "Are you just trying to pick a fight?" From day one the staff had been unhelpful and very unfriendly; not greeting the public, etc. The manager drives around all day and looks for details he can bang on your door about. (At least once a week!) Nasty notes are left taped to your door when you are gone. He is very nasty when he confronts people , with his arms crossed and absolutely no eye contact. I felt like I was in prison there; couldn't wait to leave and in fact, left with 10 more paid days ahead of me. But I just couldn't stand it anymore! Nor did I ask for any $$ back; they don't refund anyway!
rating [ 8/10 ]
This campground is in a quiet, clean, country setting. We stayed two nights. We were treated with respect. The staff was friendly and helpful!
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