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rating [ 4/10 ]
The owners of this campground are missing an opportunity. This is the only RV park, located right in Canon City. All the rest are several miles out of town, mostly to the west. Here, you have clear cell service, off air TV, convenient access to all the local eating places, shops, and even movie theaters. (There's a great old theater, The Skyline, still showing movies right downtown!) Problem is, as others here have mentioned, this place is a dump! They have permanent people scattered all over the park, instead of in one area, and they allow them to pile their stuff all over. The smell and sight of dog waste is everywhere. We parked here for a night, hoping we could take it, since we planned a week's stay in the area and liked the location, but we decided it wasn't worth it. Until these folks wise up and realize they have to spend a little time making their property hospitable, we won't be back.
rating [ 9/10 ]
This campground has been purchased by new owners who are already transforming it into a much needed, higher end park. We stumbled on it after leaving the campground down in Canon City due to its lack of amenities and unkept surroundings. (We checked out most of the others too, and found the comments here about them pretty accurate. Especially the one about the park with all the "rules" and speed restrictions being adhered to so strictly.) We weren't sure Mountain View was open until we drove in and saw some other rigs parked and were motioned to the rear of the park by the new owner. He greeted us warmly, asked us to pick out any open spot (we opted near the office since, just for the moment, it's the only WiFi friendly area in the park). We stayed for a week and had a great time. The owners couldn't have been more accommodating, and it is clear they intend to turn this into the area's nicest RV park. It also happens to be the closest to Canon City (about 6 miles from town). Right now, be aware that there is no local TV reception, and the cell service is spotty. The owners tell us they're working on upgrading everything possible, so these things will change as they continue to work on it. Now, they are concentrating on leveling the pads, pouring concrete, planting trees and shrubs, and improving the infrastructure. We plan to return to the area next summer for another visit and are looking forward to all the improvements. For now, we would recommend this park above all the rest in the area, even without the improvements.
rating [ 9/10 ]
You have very few choices in Mineola, and until these folks opened there was no good one! This park is small, there are some (quiet) fulltimers, but it's a great place to pull in for a few nights and enjoy East Texas. The train tracks are fairly close by, but we enjoyed hearing the whistle blow once in a while. If you're a really light sleeper, choose one of the spots farthest off Highway 80. We stayed here for two nights and found the owners to be well informed locals who take pride in their park. Bathrooms are clean and air conditioned. We had no complaints and will return. Oh yes, they also sell fresh eggs from a local farm right in the office!
rating [ 6/10 ]
We stayed here for about a week in June. First, let me say your choices are fairly limited in Charleston, and this park is one of the closer ones to the Old Town (tourist) part of the city. It is clean and relatively quiet. Now, we will confirm and elaborate on some things that have already been stated by other campers. The WiFi here is so slow it simply cannot be used by anyone other than very casual surfing. If you work or need a decent connection, you will not be able to use theirs. The speed bumps are more than an annoyance. After a week of going over them, we could not wait to leave. One day, while driving our car to our site, and driving the perimeter of the park to at least avoid a couple of them, the owner chased me down and warned me about "speeding." I was driving in at around 15 miles per hour (limit is 10). When my wife went to the office the next day, she was also warned that they would not tolerate "speeding in the park." Be warned. These people mean business and will not hesitate to call you down if you "misbehave." Great for a vacation right? Just like the Marriott! We will make plans next time we vist Charleston, to stay at the James Island County Park. It's a bit more expensive, but has all the amenities of this place, is a little closer to town, and you probably won't be chased down for driving 15 miles an hour! (Price is with Good Sams).
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