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rating [ 9/10 ]
We have been monthly residents of Orangeland since August of 2010. I don't understand the previous review complaining about the pet rules. We have a dog, she walks to the dog walk with us, no problem. If we walk her around the park we carry an oops bag just in case. They love pets. Our dog is very popular with many of the staff. We have a rather large 5th wheel with several slideouts. We feel that our space is quite roomy. We only have one vehicle in our space other than the 5th wheel but we could easily have another car parked in our space. At one point we had our truck and our car. They will let you park along the walls with their permission if you have a vehicle that doesn't fit. The rate for monthly rent is very fair for this area. We plan on staying as long as we can. The staff is great and very friendly. We've never had any problems with our mail or packages being taken or lost. The laundry facilities are far better than any other park we've stayed in. The pool is kept very clean. There was a lot of paperwork for the monthly space but we didn't mind filling it out. I do wish people who fill it out would read all the rules though.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We've stayed here a lot. It's a nice park, with clean facilities, a nice swimming pool and (mostly) friendly managers. Don't believe the "112 spaces," though because most of the park is occupied by long-term residents (some of the RVs look like they've been here since Truman was president). The utilities work well, laundry facility is clean, but their "free Wi-Fi" is so underpowered it's useless: don't even bother. There are some creepy homeless people who live in their cars along the street. You'll see them relieving themselves by the roadside and throwing their trash in the bushes. Disgusting. The busy street, by the way, is where you will have to walk your dog because management won't let you walk the dog in the park: absolutely forbidden. It is a very difficult park to get your trailer into; roads are narrow and sites are narrow and tight. But the park is in a scenic location, right on the highway, and close to shopping & restaurants in MB. Always cool weather and a nice place to visit.
rating [ 7/10 ]
A clean park, with friendly management. Electric service works good, but forget the Wi-Fi--it never works well enough to do anything with it. All gravel and pavement--no trees or grass. The beach is just a short walk away, however. Summer rates are really high. Otherwise, it's a good quiet "no frills" park close to the beach, golf, shopping, etc.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice park with big spaces. Can be noisy, especially on weekends- lots of family noise and occasionally some loud drunk types. Management is friendly. Short walk to the beach/water front. It's a long way to shopping and restaurants, and you will likely have to drive because it's 3/4 of a mile walk down the beach to get to anything. The dog walk is muddy and not a good place for the pooch, but management doesn't care if you walk the dog elsewhere in the park as long as you clean up. We have stayed here a lot and since we are fulltimers, and we wish that the park didn't have rules that make it impossible to stay here longer than 7 days in a row during the summer season.
rating [ 4/10 ]
A big park with large spaces. Utilities work good. But everything is sandy and in a very short period of time the salty breezes will start corroding the metal parts on your RV. The park is easy to get in and out of, but it's a LONG way from shopping or restaurants. NOTE!-- beware the weekends- this place is "party central" especially in summer when the rowdy dunebuggy people come in. While we were there,a huge group was drunk, playing music and whooping it up until well after 1 a.m. Even after I told them to be quiet, they kept at it. The next morning when I complained to management, I was told "next time call the sheriff because we don't have security on duty." Sorry, that doesn't cut it. A campground with 215 spaces and they have no security guard?? We will NOT be back.
rating [ 3/10 ]
Park is right on the river, has shade trees and nice swimming hole. Electrical service not reliable. By early afternoon, the amps drop so low you will not be able to run your A/C. Electrical boxes look like they were wired by the electrician from "Green Acres"- even have loose wires running above ground. Wi-Fi is slow and unreliable; often cuts out completely. Management is nice, but bottom line: facilities are old and run down. Trailer spaces are long but very narrow; we were literally right on top of our neighbors. Without A/C, our trailer got up to 97 inside even though parked under a "shade" tree. Yes, park is close to the National Park entrance and yes, swimming hole is nice. But it's old, crowded, noisy, and some of the permanent residents are creepy. Avoid if you can.
rating [ 7/10 ]
The sites are concrete and level; there's grass and some shade trees. So overall, the surroundings are OK. The dog walk is small and smelly; we had to take the dog outside the park. Permanent residence trailers are junky and some of the permanent residents are kind of skanky in appearance. The electrical service was not too good: the first site they put us in, the pedestal box wasn't working at all. They had to move us to another site. The park is close to the highway and shopping etc. up the road. But you are in the central valley so the smell of manure is a constant. Yecch.
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