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rating [ 9/10 ]
Agree with everything said, but didn't have a problem with my Garmin GPS. Just realize you'll have to go an extra block south before you can come back up a one-way street to get to NE Morgan Lane (until you find the secret passageway)! Very well-kept park: manager really cares and it shows. Good power and cable TV, great grass and flowers. In fairness to other RV'ers, I have to add that the park is sandwiched tightly between I-5 and a Home Depot-type store. It will likely be the noisiest place you've ever stayed, although trains are not a problem here. Spent a month, and will go back again because I got used to the noise, and earplugs help. The slightly-higher cost sites are a little better shielded from I-5.
rating [ 3/10 ]
The first tipoff that there was something amiss in this brand new resort was that there were plenty of motorhomes at the casino, but only a handful were actually within the resort. The rest were drycamping on the casino grounds for reasons of their own. Although there is a river view (through an industrial area), the resort is pretty much a big parking lot. Unfortunately, although this is a brand new facility, the owners saw fit to make each pull-thru site fairly short (for a 40' with toad anyway), they are "humped" so it can be impossible to level out, and most absurd is a requirement that you place pads under your jacks. This means you have to crawl under your rig 8 times getting in and out, soiling yourself on the black asphalt. How they could have built the sites without making them strong enough to handle a motorhome is beyond me. I doubt they will rebuild the sites, so we'll never go there again for that reason alone. Finally, the rate is pretty high for that part of the world, especially for a casino, and they charge a pretty high amount for Internet access still.
rating [ 7/10 ]
About 15 sites that can handle a 40' motorhome gracefully. Long desolate drive to get there, but it is desert camping after all. Closed during summer months. Only complaint is that although there is available manpower and equipment (small tractor), many sites are so uneven that your jacks cannot level your RV out. Interesting hot water spas.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Nice county park in a remote area. Has about 25 sites that will safely accommodate a 40' motorhome. Enthusiastic ranger talks. Our only complaint is that they allow tree branches to slightly damage RV as you travel inside to get to your site.
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