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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is a wonderful park to stay in. From it's upper end, one can enjoy a view of Rustico. Sites were spacious, clean and upon arrival, we were escorted to our site by one of the owners. The owners are great people. They are most accommodating to any request/inquiry their campers/tourists may have. Their seasonal campers were welcoming, friendly people who added to the quality of our stay. Bayside is located within 5 minutes of quality shopping. We can't say enough about how well we were treated. We look forward to returning in the next year.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This has to be one of the worst campgrounds we have ever stayed in. We have a 37' fifth wheel, had reserved a site well in advance, but discovered, upon our arrival, that the site reserved for us was still occupied, and the park owners did not know this and when we informed them of such, did nothing to move the "squatters." We were assigned to another site. It was small, access was incredibly difficult (BTW all transient sites are small) and had a significant slope to it which no amount of leveling material could overcome. After persistent complaints, we were allowed to park on the site immediately behind the one we were assigned. Said site was was moderately better than the one in front. The only consolation was that the park owners agreed to allow us to take both sites: a consolation which allowed us to overcome to a large extent, the slope of the sites. This is more than a family friendly campground: it is a party hearty place. A large seasonal component of customers and their children wandered through the park until as late as 3 a.m., each night we were there, yelling, verbally abusing each other etc. Management made no attempt to enforce any quiet time rules. Our touring companions had a 40' bus plus tow vehicle with them. The "pull through" site they were assigned beside us may have appeared to be a pull through, but was inaccessible from one direction because of the proximity of other sites and vehicles. As it was, they had to unhook their tow vehicle in order to back into the "pull through" site. Needless to say, these folks also had the pleasure of enjoying the 3 a.m. serenades by the partiers. This may be a great seasonal park if you are a partier with kids who allow the latter to play themselves to sleep at midnight or later. For a visitor to the island, it is a disaster. No views, no hiking trails, no real recreation and seasonal campers who, while nice folks, just don't know the meaning of the phrase "quiet time." Internet? Forget it. Management daily told us they were "working on it." Never was up and running while we were there and no offer of a discount for the lack of such. Heated pool? No such thing. Kids use it for the most part and it is shallow ... so safe for children. Avoid this park at all costs!
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