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rating [ 10/10 ]
Very scenic park located on the Picacho Peak mountainside. There are many Saguaro cactus scattered around the park, as well as other cactus plantings. The entry and courtyard area are quite impressive in a Mission Adobe style. Access is easy right off I-10, and sites are easy to get in and out of. All streets are paved, pads are concrete on gravel sites and quite a few have trees. Pool and Spa are in the Courtyard area, so are protected from wind. Clubhouse is huge, and seemed to us that there was something going all the time. This is a mixed park, in that, there are RV sites mixed with park models. Everyone was friendly! This is probably the friendliest park we have ever stayed in! I pay attention to Good Sam Ratings, and this park has some of the highest I have ever seen, like 10 10 9.5. we stayed here a year ago and now back again in November. A year ago the water was typical for Arizona, super hard and alkaline! You couldn't drink it. This year the park made the financial commitment to install Reverse Osmosis water plant for the entire park! The water now has to be the best in Arizona. We loved the park and we WILL return! I rate this park as a 10, and I don't give out 10's
rating [ 3/10 ]
We love the other park (a block away), unfortunately, it was full. The reviews are mixed on the Buffalo, and for good reason. There is a small cubical for an office, but it is never manned, so you must call the posted number when you arrive to check in. A bit of a hassle after being on the road all day...for sure, do not walk into the attached IMAX to ask how to check in or you may get a surly retort. The park and check-in are behind the IMAX theater, and the sign for the campground is under the IMAX sign, so we missed the turn-in and had to circle. Bad sign placement! The pull-thru slots are long enough and turns are easy. The park is all gravel, but is crushed granite, so no tracking in. Good power, good water, but frankly this was the worst Wi-Fi service I have encountered in years. Almost impossible to log in and the speed would make a snail look like a moon rocket...simply awful If you need a place and can't get into the other park this is adequate, but we won't stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
A Fabulous RV Resort! I understand Trailer Life just completed a new survey and ratings were 10-10-9.5! That's just about as good as it gets. It is deserved. The scenery, with the mountain above the resort, is spectacular, especially in the evenings, when the sun goes behind The Peak. The Courtyard area includes a pool and spa in a nice setting. There are billiards, horseshoes, shuffleboard for those that like them, as well as other activities. The activities calendar is VERY busy for those that wish to partake. We participated in some activities, and the folks here are some of the nicest we have ever met! We liked this resort so well that we stayed several months this winter. Some previous posters have mentioned road and/or train noise as bothering them, however, we found that to be a non-issue as after a day or two, you don't notice anything unusual...besides, I kind of like watching a train go by. I almost never hear a train whistle. I guess there are no crossings close by. The other issue I saw mentioned by previous posters, was the hard water. We had no problem buying water (5 gal. for a dollar) for coffee and to drink. I have been told that the resort is installing a park-wide Reverse Osmosis and softener system this spring, so they may end up having the best water in Arizona when we come back next winter! All in all, this is the best park we have ever spent a lengthy amount of time in!
rating [ 9/10 ]
If you are camping in the Grand Forks area, you are missing the boat if you pass up this park. It is sited right next to The Red River in grassy, partly shaded area, within walking distance of various, eateries, pubs, entertainment, and a new Cabelas, yet is isolated from them. So, there is a lot to do close by, and what appeared to be a huge playground with lots of stuff for kids just across the street. We liked this park!
rating [ 7/10 ]
Quiet, out of the way, park. Be aware that there is a LOT of oilfield and big truck traffic in the whole Williston area! Paved roads have a lot of mud on them, and if it is raining you will get covered with mud. That said, the park management strives to keep out 'full-time' oilfield "campers", and keep slots available for travelers.They just installed some 50 amp service and the site we got was quite muddy and needed gravel and they are working on it. The local sheriff patrols and rangers roll by every so often. Staff is friendly and helpful.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Wide open campground on a western facing slope. Sites are indeed parallel parking nose-to-tail 'in the round'. The site we were assigned was fine as long as there were no other rigs in the adjacent site. However, by the next morning we were blocked in by other campers and could not leave until others left. So be aware. Some of the sites are quite unlevel also. But in fairness, some are fine. After this experience of 'in the round', we do not think we wish to park this way again.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed three days in a pull-through site. Deeply wooded sites with occasional bear sighting thrown in. We liked this park, especially for the price and would have rated it at the highest rating if they had park wide Wi-Fi. Friendly folks in the office, nice greatroom, and good access all made for a nice stay.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed three days. Level concrete pads and patios situated closely to adjacent sites. It is a small park and is relatively new with well manicured areas. The large field adjacent to site is great for dogs. The laundry room is small but it is clean and the machines are new. All in all a good alternative to high priced campgrounds in the area. We would stay here again. Access to Destin and the beach is good.
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