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rating [ 10/10 ]
Stayed with the Passport America discounted rate – a tremendous value given Three Flags location just off I-90 in the Black Hills area and a stone’s throw from Rapid City about 7 miles east – for all they offered us in the way of customer service. The owners are newbies, but for less than one full year of owning an RV campground, have gotten off to a great start. Among the little touches, there is a post as one approaches the exit to wash/squeegee your windows. I’ve only seen one other campground have this feature, but it makes so much sense in a scenic area. The welcoming, registration is painless, friendly and helpful. The sites, as a previous reviewer noted, are spacious and we were given a choice among several. Our site required raising the front of our class “C” a couple inches. We didn’t use the showers/restroom, but my gal reports the laundry was clean, though the machines dated, got the job done. Maybe I didn’t know how to access their entire cable TV spectrum, but I seem to recall there is a difference between various sites providing a different number of channels and/or availability of cable. Regardless, we had sufficient among those available. Little did I know when booking my reservation, but the owners have redefined the term “helpful” (given so many of us are seniors and/or less than mechanically gifted). Several days before arrival, the power plug in my RAV4 failed as did the cigarette lighter. Nice timing, because we needed the GPS functioning to get us around the region. I’d previously checked the auxiliary power plug’s fuse and it seemed fine, but the circuit wasn’t working. At check-in I asked whether they knew of a repairman to deal with this and a co-owner came by while we were setting up. He immediately found the problem and repaired it in less time than it has taken to type this review. For his time and trouble, I gave him a $20, figuring it would cost more if I went to a garage. That night, while watching a DVD movie, the power flickered and went out. It was our 30 amp pigtail (which was scheduled for a replacement along with two new coach batteries at Camping World in Madison, WI later in the week). I approached the same owner first thing in the morning. He saw the problem and knew how to get us up and running again. He went with me to a Menards and of course, I paid for the supplies and material. [I may have missed something else that he did because I’m writing about a week after the fact.] He advised which batteries would be best (and installed them as campsite); replaced the weather stripping underneath the stairs; found it easier to splice a new plug end on the pigtail than replace the entire one; repaired my surge protector (which was damaged when the pigtail sparked and failed completely). He also agreed to return my old batteries to obtain a credit on my charge card for recycling them. Upon returning from our touring, I asked how much I owed him. He said he spent about 3+ hours and still needed to return the old batteries. The amount he quoted was, to me, woefully inadequate for his time, advice and work. So I upped the amount by one-third. I’d have paid much, much more at a repair shop or if a repairman came to campsite or at the Camping World appointment. About taking the time and effort, he said he was more than happy to help because he always needs things to do. He understood my dilemma and was there to help. It is called “customer service”. Footnote: About 7 miles east of Black Hawk, SD on I-90, upon leaving the Pilot Travel Center, the RVs 2001 Ford E-450 Triton engine blew a spark plug, lost power and needed a tow to Great Western Tire in Rapid City, a facility AAA recommended. The Ford dealership couldn’t have taken us in for another week, but Great Western had us up and running within 90 minutes once the service tech returned from lunch. Then, they referred us to Rapid Tire and Alignment just a few miles away and they were able to take us in for a much needed truck alignment (for the new Michelin LT tires I had installed earlier in our travels).
rating [ 9/10 ]
We stayed for 10 days. New management is working hard to get this Resort to previous status. Prior ownership's lack of concern for RV'ers and residents led to a precipitous decline. Many of it's winter residents left for other places and RV'ers provided poor reviews on RV Park Reviews. We arrived and the Manager was waiting at the gate to be sure we arrived. GPS gave us fits while in the region, and we had to call when lost. She took us by golf cart to select a site best for us. Then, computed our rate to provide best among the various camping club discounts and the weekly rate. The larger facility is clean and the roads paved; full hook-ups, spacious sites well-maintained. Some have concrete pads to step out of your RV; otherwise, you're on grass, which is fine. No cable TV, but you'll not likely miss it with all the activities at Fig Tree or the region. And it has a decent TV signal via antenna. Restrooms/showers were under construction while we were here; but management assured us the woman's would be ready by the end of the day and they delivered with a working shower. Return another time and it will be fully functioning and modern. Park is primarily a destination of "Snow Birds/Winter Texans" and like many such resorts, there's a FULL schedule of activities. (A Sunday evening meeting of residents plans for the week and month ahead.) That's for everything from Winter Texan $10 discount seats for the RGV Killer Bees (CHL minor league hockey); Monday morning senior discount at the local multiplex followed by lunch; a trip to South Padre Island for literally the "Best Ribs" at Louis Backyard for $7.99; card games galore; free M-W-F morning dee-licious doughnuts and coffee provided by management where some of the residents gather to chat; free coffee and punch available through the day; and exercise in the pool. When we were here, the fellow cooking the weekly breakfast hadn't yet arrived. Need I go on? No? But I will; because whether you're staying a couple days, a week+ or a seasonal resident, you'll be welcomed and feel like honored family member and invited to participate in any and all of the scheduled activities. Wow! That's a difference between the average Park and Fig Tree. My take is that they won't need to use the Passport America, Campclub USA, etc., discounts to attract people much longer. Word will get around and it will be like the 25-30 year old photo of the resort near the office when it was packed during the winter, and you'll not be able to get a reservation for a short visit or will need to reserve your winter site well in-advance. The "Valley" is like that during cold Northern Winters, because the weather is an entire temperate zone further south than Houston and is a prime Snow Bird destination, for a number of reasons. Harlingen is conveniently located between larger population sources of McAllen to the west on US 83 and Brownsville or South Padre Island to the east. They have several hospitals for medical care, enough shops and restaurants in the Valley that you'll never starve. If I've any 'issue' with the Valley it is that it has grown so much since I first visited in 1993 and was last here in 2003. These days, it is mainly concrete and plazas from Brownsville to McAllen. (My two favorite restaurants: the Jerusalem Cafe and the Lone Star are closed). The other is: for a region this size, I wasn't able to locate an NPR or classic music radio station or something a Baby Boomer might enjoy. US 83 is a great 3 lane "interstate-like" expressway and the frontage roads make access pretty easy. However, because of the traffic, you're likely to hear some traffic noise regardless of where you stay in Fig Tree, and that's so for any of the dozens of Snow Bird RV Parks right along US 83. Don't let that keep you from making a reservation. You don't need earplugs.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Per my girlfriend: "The bathrooms/showers are nasty. We were there a week, and they were never cleaned -- not once. The trash is never emptied." I shower on-board my class "C"; but the place could use a good up-grade. For example; pulled-in Saturday early afternoon to find the office closed; site maps and instructions in the late registration box; but not a contact number in the event of a problem. I pulled to my site and the folks across the aisle showed me their sewer was inches from the top with 'waste'. A fellow came over as I was setting-up and said: "Be sure your electric works -- it wasn't down here the other day." The place is what it is; limited sites have full-hook-ups; most water-electric only and so, if you shower on-board, fine (I suppose). The sites I've stayed at in my years of coming through have been level and shaded, but when the same problems with electricity and the bathroom/showers exist -- come on, now -- is this a 3rd World RV Park? Yes, we'd likely stay there again. What's the options in that particular section of Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown. Memphis East in Lakeland is conveniently located and that's the biggest plus to be said about them. And while they have a Good Sam rating; time for Good Sam to drop-in unannounced!
rating [ 9/10 ]
First year under KOA banner; rate paid this year then discounted by my KOA membership; very friendly-helpful registration; went out of way to be sure I had a site per my specific needs; staff very responsive when power service box had one 20 amp circuit not working and my toad battery drained, so they came and 'jumped' it to get it out of road; newer section opened and we were in an older, but shaded (w/o cable TV) site but a 'bit' of a walk to the shower house compared to when we stayed here last year under its previous name on an unshaded concrete pad. Easy drive around Chautauqua Lake to Mayville, State Parks, Jamestown, NY, the Chautauqua Institution, Lily Dale Assembly and other lake resort communities.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Received as warm and friendly a greeting as experienced in the industry since my first RV trip in 12/02. Owners believe in service and value for one's travel dollar. Every RV Park should come half-way to their standards and there wouldn't be a complaint from any of us. The scenery around the exterior of the Park and hills beyond, is supreme. The sites are level, ALL service works and they're close enough to your bins (I've got a 31.5' Class 'C'). Can't say enough about the cleanliness of the shower/toilet facility. Before leaving, I made a point to thank them for their Park and their friendly, helpful ways. They and their RV Park made a very positive impression.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Been here about 6 times prior to this, usually aim for same site -- shaded. Registration is always friendly, but time consuming. A Texas State Park membership saves daily gate admission; but camping rate is very reasonable. The bathroom/shower is my biggest and only complaint (though I wish they had full-hookups and pull-though sites). This is a State Park (how many have completely level sites or the other things on my wish list?), so there you are. Outdoor temp was in the 100+ range and the humidity not far behind. I used the shower my first night and felt like Alec Guiness in that hot box in the Bridge on the River Kwai. I suppose working in a commercial laundry runs a close second. The shower stalls were very spacious, the 'aim' and 'stream' required some adjustments. Few campgrounds have enough hooks, etc. for the toiletry bag, etc. The entire park (lake, beach, marina) is very nice and I'd certainly stay there again. It is a bit rustic...but we're supposed to be camping, after all.
rating [ 6/10 ]
Stayed here about six prior times to most recent visit, but never before with a female companion. Per her comments (and she was upset): In 3 days the women's bathroom was never cleaned. For example, the trash can was still filled with tampons. (At least remove the sign "restroom cleaned daily 11:30 am-12:00 pm.") This bathroom was never closed or cleaned. Was obvious to the eye, that the floor was never swept or cleaned; toilet had a ring pre-dating the invention of the RV; hot water for showers not always available (1 out of 3 days: cold). Our site had clear evidence and aroma of dog waste. Not the smell to open a window to or walk outside. The can of pop from a previous occupant was under the table all 3 days. Would I stay here again? It is convenient to where I need to go in the area and I use my RV's shower. The reservation and registration is easy and friendly enough. Access in and out of the level pull-through is very good. Many sites are decently enough shaded. I've used their laundry in previous visits and is decent, too. But the 2010 Trailer Life Directory's 8.5 (out of 10) review of its bathroom, given my companion's experience, is a pipe dream and far removed from reality. I have to say, given my numerous visits, they don't do much up-keep and it is well-past time they invested a few $$$$ bucks. At least this time, the 20 amp circuit in my site's power box worked. That isn't so at every site.
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