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rating [ 4/10 ]
After reading the rest of the reviews posted here I was left scratching my head if we visited the same park. We are looking at getting a seasonal site after spending a few years being “vagabond” campers. We particularly like the Milton area and had found Hidden Valley on a web search of the area. I had called in advance of our visit to get particulars on the “resort” and was told that they have a waiting list that will not possible be filled until 2011. At that time they will be adding another 100 sites to the “resort”. None the less, we decided to stop in and visit when we were in the area over the weekend. If we liked it enough we would get on their waiting list. Of course the sites are all level – it’s a made over corn field. The only trees to speak of are along the perimeter which is typical of most farm fields in Wisconsin. A huge open area with precisely angled parking spaces reminiscent of any mall parking lot. With about the same number of precisely placed very young sapling like “trees”. We saw the area where the 100 new spaces were going to be created – they will be of the same featureless genre. I know that we did not take a wrong turn while in the park and end up in a less desirable locale (we followed their map) and you can see from one end of the park to the other, including everyone and everything in between. But, to each their own. For some, this sort of sterile location is “perfect”.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Large shaded private sites. Electric only. The last weekend of October and all running water had been turned off. Regardless we spent a lovely fall weekend here. Our site 201 was wonderful. Large and flat. Graveled area for TT. Rest was grass – no mud! Nice fire ring and a huge picnic table. Very reliable electrical service. The park itself is huge and very lovely. Lots of birds and other critters. Well groomed horse trails, numerous hiking trails – although we didn’t explore them all since it was hunting season and we did not pack blaze orange. Very close to our home so we will using this one again when we are in need of a quick get away weekend.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Under new management. Bath houses were spotless and well maintained. Variety of wooded to sunny spots. We were near the pool. Very nice shady spot. Quiet times enforced. Staff very cordial and helpful. Well stocked little store - pricey but to be expected. Amazing albino peacocks in petting zoo. We brought our own wood in so it was free. My first "camping" experience and we had a great time. Will be going back.
rating [ 1/10 ]
Lake Lenwood. Where to start? First of all the word LAKE is being generous. Large smelly swamp pond would more suitable. Our first clue that this was not going to be a good experience was how empty the camp was when we arrived. This being a gorgeous fall weekend we checked into our first site and sank to our ankles in oozing mud upon exiting our vehicle. The fire pit was filled with 6 inches of brackish water. There hadn’t been rain in the area in over a week. The small drainage ditch that ran the entire length of the site was overflowing with bug larvae filled brackish water that smelled suspiciously of human waste. We requested a different site. Not a problem – the owners moved us down the “shore” (swamps have shores?) a few spots and we set up camp. Just as we were finishing up and ready to settle in and try to make the best of being swamp monsters for the weekend the owner zooms up on his ATV to check on the first site. Possibly to see if we left it “clean” for the next campers? He nearly runs over one of our dogs who was tied to a nearby tree that was well off of the gravel drive. Of course the poor dog barks in fear of being crushed by the large machine. The owner proceeds to chastise us for not having bark less dogs and that they would not under any circumstances tolerate any more disruptions of this sort. He insisted we take care of the problem immediately. Take care of the problem? Our dog barked in fear of being killed and we were to take care of the problem? What did he expect us to do? We were over 2 hours from home. Every camp in the area was filled to capacity – see notes in first paragraph. Were we to rip our dogs vocal cords out? Enough was enough. We immediately packed up to prepare to leave. We had disconnected water already when my husband decided to use the camp facilities before we hit the road. When he returned a few moments later he refused to describe the condition of the bathhouse and lavatories. His only comment was that I didn’t need to know how awful they were. My husband is former military and has served in some of the harshest conditions known and for him to say they were awful I dare not think of had bad they were. We drove our two hours home and were glad to finally pull into our driveway where we could try to salvage at least some of the weekend. Lake Lenwood – not recommended.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Large sites, wooded, lots of shade. Very enjoyable stay. Comfort stations shower facilities were lacking in privacy - only flimsy shower curtains dividing showers from common area - no lockable doors. Small children peeking behind curtains looking for parent was troublesome. Other than that we had a grand time. It was Halloween weekend and the park went all out to make it fun. Staff very friendly and helpful. We'll go back!
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