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rating [ 7/10 ]
This RV park is ultra clean but like parking on a parking lot. There are no trees and the concrete pads exceed any grass there might be. This is the only RV park near St. Charles and so it seems that is the reason for the near $40.00 a day fee. The staff was pleasant.
rating [ 1/10 ]
By the time we got to the park, most of the debris from Katrina had been cleared. The sites are close together and there is no shade. The sites are about 1/4 miles down a dirt road from the office and are surrounding a lake. Since the road is not paved, you either have dust or mud. But it gets worse. There are ducks and geese everywhere and there is no way you can avoid getting excrement on your shoes, just getting from your vehicle to your rig. The ducks will bed down at night but the geese roam and if they decide to bed down by your rig, you will have them honking all night long and there is no way you can sleep through their noise. While we were here (for a few weeks) they had a sewer problem and black water was backing up out of the ground. A trench was dug where the sewer line ran but it was left open and since the problem was not fixed immediately, some campers drained their black water into the trench so you had human waste and paper floating in the water in the trench. The smell was bad enough, not to mention the health hazard. After some campers complained, the whole septic system was dug up and repaired. The pool area is in bad need of some improvements and a good paint job. There are park models here that the owners rent out to military from Camp Shelby in nearby Hattiesburg. The park has a leash rule for pets, but it is ignored. While we were here, a couple came in with two large Rottweilers. They allowed the dogs (who were not friendly) to run free and when a camper complained the owner told them to keep the dogs on a leash. The owners of the dogs would tie them up if they were inside but when they were sitting outside the dogs still ran free. One of the owners of the dogs was a small woman and there was no way she could have controlled the dogs if she needed to. But the worst part of this park is the owners themselves. They are unfriendly and basically seem to think they are doing you a favor letting you stay here. The park was full of contractors working on Katrina clean up so I guess they felt they could be choosy. The husband seems to be overwhelmed with the work that is necessary and the wife is just plain rude. If this was the only place to stay near Hattiesburg, we would park in a Wal-Mart lot before we ever stay here again.
rating [ 4/10 ]
While this park is beautiful, it has some serious flaws. For one thing, $40 per night is a bit steep for just electric and water hookups. Our site was very unlevel and took a lot to get our rig setting level. Some of the sites are short and since the site was preassigned to us, it was good that we did not have a big rig. But my biggest problem was with the billing system. Since I booked this reservation months ahead, I was billed on my credit card for three nights (we were there during the Yellow Daisy Festival and all sites are full). When I checked in and paid for the rest of the week, I was charged for the full seven nights. I did not have my credit card statement with me and had no proof that I had already paid for three nights as a deposit and the park office had no record of it. While we were there, I got very ill and had to have an abulance called. The ambulance driver did not know how to get to our site since there was no park personell available to tell them where we were. Then the ambulance driver did not know how to get out of the park and after driving around for 30 minutes was intercepted by a park policeman who lead them out. When I returned home and felt good enough to call them about being billed for three days twice, they were quite reluctant to help me, saying they would call me back. Needless to say, they never did and I never got a credit for the three nights. There were some sites that had 3-4 cars/trucks parked by them and they stuck out in the road as the sites are small. Not once did I see park personell drive around to tell the other campers to move their vehicles out of the lane of traffic inside the camping areas. The laundry rooms were not adequate for the size of the park. This park is pretty, but that is about all I can say about it and it sure isn't worth the money.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is another example of the quality of state parks built by Texas. We stayed in the Deer Run section. Grandkids came for two nights and loved feeding the deer, some of whom would come almost close enough to touch. The park is immaculate, the staff is friendly and the setting is the hill country at its best. Bathrooms are very clean and it is quiet at night. When we stay here, year after year, we stay for at least five days. The city of Kerrville is quite close and has one of the best Luby's I have ever seen. I can't say enough about how much we like this park.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is state park camping at its best. Since we live nearby, we have camped here a number of times. The park staff is friendly and willing to do anything they can to make your stay enjoyable. There is no highway noise. The park itself is nicely wooded and there is a road that runs between Buescher State Park and Bastrop State Park, Park Road One. Smithville is just a few miles with a grocery store, gas stations and restraurants. Wal-Mart is in both neighboring towns and no more than 17 miles away. If you are looking for a state park without all the bells and whistles but is quiet and relaxing, this is the one.
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