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rating [ 9/10 ]
When others have said you are packed in, they weren't kidding. Some bigger rigs could not fully extend their slide-outs. We have a small slide-out and it fit just fine. We liked the location, and have stayed at the Bay Bridge campground in a tent a few years ago. Your site is enough for your rig, plus one towing vehicle (our truck), your door opens up the side of the other rig and their towing vehicle (less than 10 feet away). The back of your rig, is right up to the rig behind you (2-8 feet depending on the size of the other rig). Surprisingly, noise was not as much as we expected. This location is good for exploring the OTHER areas of the park besides the geyser basin around Old Faithful. Most of the park traffic is between West Yellowstone and Old Faithful. Other than being packed in like sardines (hence, a 2 point deduction), the rest of the stay was very enjoyable. We added back a point (for a total of 9 out of ten) due to the super job and friendliness by the local RV Repair facility. We had a flat tire on our trailer when we arrived. We parked and set up, thinking that we'd have to jack up the trailer and change the tire ourselves. I drove to the repair facility and asked about getting the flat fixed. It cost a bit more, but they came to the site, jacked up the trailer, took the tire, repaired it (we had a screw embedded in the tire: the second one they repaired this day), and came back and replaced the tire on the trailer. Again, it cost more, but it was worth it to us! We only spent the evenings at the campsite. Noise was minimal and neighbors are as friendly as you make them to be. We stayed 3 nights.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Just passing through on our way to Yellowstone, but wasn't supposed to arrive in Yellowstone until the next day. So we spotted this small RV Park / Bed and Breakfast on the side of the road on our way. No Wi-Fi or cable TV, but that was not a big deal. It took three sites to find one that was level, but there were only about 6 other rigs there for this one night. Lots of shade. Good dog walk area. So a few points off for no Wi-Fi and cable TV, and the unlevel sites here and there. A friendly host.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Just passing through for one night. We were greeted as we exited our truck by one of the hosts. They were very friendly and glad we stopped by. Since we were only staying one night, we didn't want anything fancy, so we stayed in a gravel area across from the main section, but it still had the full hookups. The host even walked over to where I was going to back in and guided me back into the site. Never saw them again, which was perfect, as we were just going to eat, rest, sleep, and get on our way again in the morning. This park was a few blocks off the highway, so no noise to speak of.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Overall, a good campground. Pool was closed (saw a comment about the pool being closed in June, too?). Word was the pool was closed for a few days for maintenance. Turns out the pool was shut down by the inspector for cloudy water. Stayed here 4 days. Last we heard, they were waiting for the inspector to come before they could open it up. Was warm weather, but had a horrendous thunderstorm come through. No big deal, until a lake formed in our site just outside our door. And it smelled as if the ground had leached up some sewage, which the smell stayed for the next 2 days. This site needs some additional gravel or grass to raise the level. And they might have a leak in one of the sewage lines that is allowing the smell to leach out of the ground. There were only a few sites with this problem. As long as we did not sit outside, we were fine. The park, overall is great, and the view fantastic. Large sites, some pull-through and some back-in. We would stay again, but just not at this site.
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