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rating [ 2/10 ]
I was very disappointed with this park. It was extremely crowded and the spaces were extremely tight. Mostly filled with full-timers: understandable at the coast in the winter time. Upon arrival we were shown on paper where to go. Not a problem. Pulling into our site we were met by the same lady, monitoring us to ensure we parked and "set up" properly. The site was hardly big enough for our 5th wheel (28ft) and we were asked to park our truck elsewhere, however the park claims not to be responsible for damages if they occur. Those with slides on both sides of their trailers are almost touching their neighbors: ridiculously tight! The bathrooms were always locked: have to get a key from the office. The washers and dryers worked, but were old and rusted. The pricing of the sites was insane. The view is no different anywhere you park. You can't see past the huge sand dunes to the water. The beach is within feet from the park: that is where we spent most of our time. This park is not family friendly and does not give a warm welcome: we felt monitored and were approached for petty things, yet we had to deal with a barking dog next door for the two days we were here. We will not return: the price is not worth the hook-ups considering one can camp on the beach for free.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We loved it here! A plethora of amenities! Very family oriented, friendly and safe. There is a manned guard shack at the front to deter any unwanted guests. Very, very clean. Every time I turned around there was someone checking the bathrooms, emptying trash, and sweeping sidewalks. We were greeted everytime we saw an employee, making us feel very welcome. Two reasons I didn't rate it a 10. The lakes onsite are open to the general public and I don't like the fact the public has to drive through the RV park to get to the lakes causing unusual traffic for campers. The other reason was the unexpected noise from the "light rail" that's not so light when you're trying to sleep. Despite these minor concerns we would loved it here and would return.
rating [ 1/10 ]
This place was a dump! It looks as though perhaps in the 70's it was a very nice place, but somehow between then and now the owners have been lost in a time warp. Windows were broken in the bathrooms to allow nature's residents free range. Included the bats from the local caverns. Toilets were clogged and not working. Showers were old and in a dark, cold, "dungeon" setting. Critters got into the park trash during the night and it was spread throughout the park in the morning. This appears to be an ongoing problem as management will not spend the money to critter proof the trash cans. I thought parking near a light pole would be helpful when using the bathrooms after dark, but turned into a bitter-sweet decision. I was unaware of the number of bats that come out of the caverns and into the RV park at night. It's cool if you like to watch the bats catch bugs right before your eyes, but it's not so cool trying to wash their waste off your RV. Carlsbad Caverns is a breathtaking experience, but I can't say the same for this RV Park. We will not return.
rating [ 4/10 ]
Great park, bad experience. We were escorted to our site which was nice as this place was full and we had never been here before. We observed everything to be very clean and well kept. They accommodate various type campers, have cabins and a tent area. We had an unfortunate experience being close to the tent area. It seems a very large family pitched a tent outside their single-wide trailer and chose to have their family vacation at this RV Park. They brought a TV for all around them to enjoy. Very kind, but we could have done without it, especially the screaming little kids at 7 in the morning. The most unsightly were the women walking around in night gowns until they decided to get dressed. The most disappointing was when the disturbance was brought to the managers attention: she revealed we were not the only ones to complain and though the family had been approached and was not cooperating, not to worry they were leaving soon. Seriously: they should have been asked to leave a long time ago! We chose to leave instead. I can't say we will never return, but the images are imbedded in my head.
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