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rating [ 8/10 ]
This is a friendly, clean park right next to the border and the crossing into the US. Although there was occasional noise from truck air brakes, it wasn't bad. We would have rated it higher but for the narrowness of the sites. We had a pull-through as we requested, but the neighboring units were so close that awnings were nearly touching our trailer. In addition, to get around the picnic table on our narrow strip of grass just to get into ours, we had to walk on our neighbors spot. This was a bit embarrassing when they were trying to have a family picnic. We would stay here again, but with lowered expectations regarding space.
rating [ 3/10 ]
In addition to being right next to the highway (which is quite loud contrary to other posts), the park is littered and dirty. While walking our dogs, I had to pry trash rib bones from both of their mouths more than once. There is also a lot of broken glass around the two trash bins we passed, and there are cigarette butts and things like broken zip ties all over the place. I realize not all guests are tidy with their trash, but it was clear the management had not picked up in quite some time. This place might be acceptable for a quick one-night layover (bring earplugs), but we would not stay here again.
rating [ 5/10 ]
We came to this park when the one we had reserved in the hills was still wet and muddy when we arrived. This was definitely not one of our favorites. The PROS: The owner and office help were very friendly, it was close to the town of Deadwood, and it was a stop on the local shuttle bus. The CONS: Everything was close and tight. The roads were narrow, the sites were narrow and short (our truck would not fit and if the park was full there would be no place to put it), there was no cable TV, and there was really very little place for the dogs to do their business. There are a couple of so-named "dog walk" areas, but they are very narrow strips of dirt/grass, and one of them had trucks parked on it. In addition, the only facilities (bath & laundry) are up at the front of the park, so those parked toward the back of this very long and narrow set-up would probably want to drive up to them, but there is very little extra parking anywhere. I would probably look for another park if we were to stay in this area again.
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