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rating [ 6/10 ]
I stayed here to watch round 2 of the U.S. Rallycross National Championship. The first time in August, I stayed at the local state park (Parvins State Park) and found the showers/bathroom area absolutely disgusting. I decided to try staying directly at the racetrack. Pros: This was the first time staying at a racetrack where I would be watching races at all day and the convenience was awesome. The showers were pretty clean (you have to drive to the Thunderbolt track, they are in the same building as the Drivers Impression store). I was in the VIP lot at well...It was level. The place has security at the front gate, but going in and out was never a problem, even until late at night (11 PM, but I was told there was someone there 24 hours a day and I can come and go as I please). Cons: New facility and they are not really ready for campers. The VIP field (right near the Brighton Room restaurant) was a sandy/dirt field. No matter what, so much sand was tracked into the camper it was unreal. However, the worst part about this place was the flies. I don't know if this rests on an old landfill or what, but the flies were everywhere. At the track they were everywhere. You'd get in and out of your truck and there'd be a dozen flies inside the truck by the time you shut the door. The flies, from going in and out of the camper to bring the food on the grill in, there had to be 20. My wife visited for the day and she couldn't believe it! I wouldn't have gone and reviewed this place if these flies didn't absolutely turn me completely off to this place. Bug spray wouldn't do anything, they were just like houseflies. There was a steady breeze, but they were still everywhere. Just be warned...In talking to vendors and people that work at the track, it's a problem that NJMP could care less about. Since this place is new, they didn't give any maps of the complex telling me where the showers were or anything. I had to get a security guy to tell me where my VIP lot was (even though it was the worst lot out of the whole place). Once they get their act together, this place should be a world class facility! However, the $50 fee to camp there all weekend really did make it super convenient. Just be warned about the flies.
rating [ 8/10 ]
This park was great. We had trouble finding reviews or pictures (other than the website) about this campground. We were very surprised because this campground was a Bucks County Gem. We stayed at the other popular campground in Upper Black Eddy, but this one was quiet and peaceful. The sites here were very woody and somewhat private (not on top of your neighbors). There were two bath houses, with the one by the pool house not being as modern as the other one. However, the one by the pool house was directly across from the camping cabin we rented. Usually we use our pop-up camper, but for this quick weekend trip, we opted for a camping cabin. The playground was nice and our twin 2 yr old boys loved it. The hayride was fun, the store was adequate and affordable. The game room was clean and fun. The nature trail was nice and peaceful and a great little diversion. We will definitely be back. This cg is 40 minutes from New Hope, and 30 minutes from Peddlers Village in Lahaska PA. We learned that it is only 15-20 minutes from River Country so when the boys are old enough, we are going tubing on the Delaware. Hope this helps!
rating [ 6/10 ]
The sites were small and on top of one another. The travel trailers across the road were facing one another. Both had their awnings open and they were about 3 feet apart! We had our awning open, then the picnic table (not under the awning) and then the next door neighbors tent trailer was about 5 feet away next to us. Not private sites at all! We only found the showers in the main building with the camp office. 3 shower stalls! Plus they were super small. Maybe we were spoiled at the Newburgh, NY KOA because this KOA didn't even come close. The stream running behind our site was very nice, but it didn't make up for the rest of the trip. Nothing major was BAD with this place, but like the store was closed at 7pm. After a day seeing local attractions, we came back wanting to build a fire..but we couldn't because the store was closed? The grounds were full to capacity, however the store closed at 7pm? The game room had extremely odd hours 9-11am and then 3-6pm. This was strange to us. The lack of privacy, the lack of space is what will stop us from returning to this campground. Maybe for the next year's KOA Cares weekend, but we will not go out of our way for this place. It is very convenient to local attractions (Dorney Park, Lehigh Valley Mall, Cabelas, Roadside America, Hawk Mountain, etc). Look up my screen name on flicks for photos of the grounds so you can judge for yourself.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We spent 4 days at this campground and we couldn't have been happier. This was our first time staying at a KOA, so hopefully they all will be just as good. The staff was super friendly all weekend long. The facilities were awesome. The showers and restrooms were always super clean. Having a trashcan at each campsite was extremely convenient. The store was pretty big, and extremely well stocked. The TV/Computer room was a huge help (we camped with twin 2 1/2 year olds). The playground was big, the kids at the campground loved the jumping pillow (inflatable trampoline thing), the sites had some trees between them, the sites had gravel on them which made them extremely level. We couldn't say enough about the place, next time we want to go up there, we will go back to this camp site. We were there for the Orange County Choppers Grand Opening, and the staff was great with directions and information. We had a great time on our trip.
rating [ 9/10 ]
The biggest complaint I have with this campground is the truck noise off of Route 30. There is nothing the campground can do about it, so that's why I still rated it high. Other than the noise, we really enjoyed our time here. The bathrooms and showers are immaculate. The roads and sites are paved with the big gravel. Hard to ride bikes, but no dust and leveling the trailer was easy. It is extremely centrally located to the outlets, Village of Bird-In-Hand, Intercourse, Kitchen Kettle Village, and the Strasburg Railroad. All within a 10 minute drive, if that. The staff was helpful and very friendly. The site we had, #843, was big and had a nice grassy section that allowed us to set up a play yard for our twin 18 month old boys. Afternoon sun was kicking, but we found out the next site we will reserve when we come back, nope, I'm not telling. It was a nice place to stay to enjoy the fall in Lancaster, we had an awesome time. Maybe the noise don't bother those in an RV or 5th Wheel, but our pop up camper isn't that well insulated and the noise got to us at night.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We really enjoyed our weekend at Colonial Woods. We were with a group of 3 other families. Two of them were in tents, and the other in a Hybrid travel trailer. We lucked out with sites C15-19. I say lucked out because we were in our own cul-de-sac. If we were camping solo (just our family) we probably wouldn't have liked it that much. There is not much privacy (unless you are in a group like we were). We couldn't imagine camping there and having your camping neighbors so close by. We understand that camping is also a kind of social thing, but we also like our space as well. Anyway, we had a great set up, and we cannot complain about our sites, because they were perfect for us. The bathrooms, was kind of scared after reading some posts, but were adequate. Cleanliness was not a problem at all. Our minor quips were that they didn't have liquid soap at the sinks, nor did they have paper towels, the bathroom at the camp store had paper towels, but no soap. They are minor quips, we are not complaining. The showers were free, so that was nice. The store was bigger than most camp stores we have been to. The prices were average. In the game room, only half the arcade machines worked. The mini golf looked in good condition, and the playground in front of the store was absolutely a blast with all the kids! It was huge, and had a ton of stuff for them to play with. The pools were awesome. They were clean, the kiddie pool was fun for the kids, and the spa felt nice. The carnival weekend was going on while we were here, and it was pretty crowded. So if you are going with a few people, I recommend our sites. Otherwise, you will be in the middle of an RV/Tent crowd. Otherwise, we had a nice, relaxing, perfect camping trip!
rating [ 8/10 ]
The best asset to this campground is the fact that the Great Egg Harbor River runs alongside it. The campground offers canoe rental service, and they drop you off upriver. The Great Egg Harbor River is an excellent river to go canoeing or tubing on. The river is mainly in the shade, it is not deep, its perfect for novices, it has a few spots you can paddle over to the bank and stop and have something to eat (either a pic nic, or at the Palace Outfitters pizza joint). You end up your canoe trip right at the campsite. Just pull your canoe out of the river, and head back to your campsite. It's perfect! The owners are nice people. The pool is nice, but it gets overcrowded when its hot outside. We would prefer more space between sites, as we felt not very woodsy or private. However the other campers were courteous and friendly. This campground is also only like 15-20 minutes from Ocean City NJ, and our family likes going there at night to walk the boardwalk. Wether you are camping there, or just want a day canoe trip, this campground fits the bill!
rating [ 8/10 ]
I was so disappointed to read other negative reviews about this campground. This is the campground that my family compares all others to. We are tent campers (hopefully moving up to folding travel trailer campers soon). The tent sites are great. The majority of them are rather spacious. Another HUGE plus is that it is an extremely wooded setting, where once in your tent site, you have a pretty good deal of privacy. They offer fire rings and pic nic tables at the sites, however I wish maybe 2 picnic tables were provided per site (personal preference). There are also a few tent sites that have creeks that run alongside the sites, and I just think that is perfect. It's absolutely ideal for us, we love that type of setting. We have never partaken in the arranged activities, however they always have something on their activity calendar. The huge plus for us is the location. First off, the mountain that it is on is awesome. The rock formation that is on the grounds is an amazing work of mother nature. The pinnacle trail is not that bad except for the one part where it gets pretty hard right near the top. As someone previously stated, the views on the cliff up top are breath taking. If you want to venture away from the mountain you have the Cabelas superstore (apparantly its unreal), you have Crystal Cave in Kutztown, and you have Dorney Park nearby. The camp store is more than sufficient. The bathrooms are what we come to know and expect from a campground. Nothing fancy, as clean as they can get. They are old, but personally we haven't been to a campground with modern day shower facilities that seem more like a locker room than a campground. To us we are roughing it, and thats fine. It's more about the experience, the ambiance, the privacy, and the scenery. If anyone else knows of private wooded sites, maybe with some streams and creeks nearby, close to interesting attractions, by all means, let us know! I have been going to Blue Rocks since I was a kid, and I continue to go there with my family.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This was the first time we stayed at a State Park. When staying at a state park versus a privately owned park, there seem to be more rules that are pretty strict. That was one thing we were not used to, we enjoy a beer or two sitting around the fire. Park rangers were not lenient at all even though it was just the wife and I. The setting was not very private as the tent sites were pretty much out in the open, with the woods to the back of the sites. Furthermore our site was next to a popular road, which made it even less private. There was not much in the way of amenities at this campground. The store was pretty well stocked, but the people at the check in booth were not very helpful in describing the campground and what is available to campers. The campground is relatively close to Jim Thorpe PA, and the popular Pocono Whitewater Rafting company. Along with white water rafting, they also have extensive paintball facilities here. There are a few good hiking trails in the area as well. If you are looking for super affordable, extremely rustic accommodations with not many amenities, then this place fits the bill. It just wasn't exactly what we were looking for. It was our first camping trip away from our home, "favorite" campground.
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