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rating [ 6/10 ]
Not a bad place to stop for the night. It is in the middle of town about a block away from the casino. The park is a little more than the others in this small town, but I'm guessing that it's because of the proximity to the casino and Nut and Candy store. Upon registration, you receive coupons for free cocktails at the casino, so that is a plus. The small store is well stocked and they offer LP gas for those that need it. Small tight spaces, but level. Very accommodating owners that stayed open for us when we arrived at closing time. They kept the store's doors open for us when the lady asked us if we needed any supplies. Good place to stop for the night or two.
rating [ 7/10 ]
Nice clean place, maybe that's why the trash cans are always full. Seems like every time we took our trash out, they were always full. Noticed alot of snobs there. Several times I said good morning to several people and NOBODY answered me. LOTS of people living there permanantly. The streets could be a little wider so as you exit the pull through you are not almost on the pad across the street so that the end of your trailer does not scrape the tree at your site if you have a long trailer. The park includes cable but we could not get clear reception of any channels. We ended up getting better reception with the antenea. We could not get 1/3 of the parks cable channels at all. The laundry facilities were a pain if you ran out of soap or change. What's wrong with putting a change machine and a soap machine dispensor in the facilities like real laundry mats? More than once, I had to leave my clothes in the machine and walk to the clubhouse for more change or soap. For what this park charges, (even more on the Weekends and Holidays, $40 & $44) trash should be picked up several times a day, I should be able to get clear reception of ALL their channels. The staff are nice, but not very personalble, just businesslike, which is fine, at least they are not mean. Not sure if we would stay there again.
rating [ 9/10 ]
Very nice clean park for it's size. Very nice staff that are very helpfull. Despite the fact that they did not allow more than two children in the family to stay, I was allowed to stay despite having 4 children. The park was very clean and cleaned every morning. The roads could be wider as I almost ran over a small cactus making a left turn trying to exit on the one way road. The pool, small with a metal roof over it, was inside a loop of a road that could be wider. Overall, this is a nice park in what seems to be an ok area.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our second time visiting this park. Very accommodating staff, made you feel right at home. Park is clean and gravel at sites is raked after occupant leaves. The only petty thing is that dumpsters are far away. Freeway access is easy to get in/out of the park, making this place stress free when arriving.
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