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rating [ 2/10 ]
We've been to this area many times before and always stayed at the Sunland RV park or closer in to San Diego. We typically use the RV park as a home base for wine tasting in Temecula and decided that this time we were going to try and save some money and try a new place. After reading a ton of reviews and looking at photos and Google Earth trying to decide, we settled on All Seasons RV park. We are pretty flexible with where we stay, we don't have a fancy rig or anything. We prefer the "off the beaten path" kind of place and typically prefer more of a "camping" experience. Although we truly appreciate the amenities of a fancy park, we're pretty simple with our requirement. Full hook-ups, quiet and clean. I guess with All Seasons RV Park 1 out of 3 is what they were shooting for. Let me start with the "good" that allowed me to score this place a 2. The staff is friendly and helpful, the pool area is really nice and the camp store is really well stocked and convenient (more on the camp store later). The "lake" does look nice, when the sun is setting and the wind is blowing just right and you close one eye and peak at it from around the corner and frame is just so with a tree or something. The hook ups worked, cable TV was a little spotty at times, but we got GREAT cell reception and my Verizon Internet card worked GREAT! So we could stream Hulu and Netflix movies and pretend we were somewhere else. (You know, Magnum PI is STILL a great show!) On to the bad. As we were rolling in to our site (#11) we had to wiggle through this sort of, gauntlet of "permanent" residents. Although no one was a problem (noise, parties, etc) certainly could have done some tidying up. Some sites it seemed that these residence had all of their worldly possessions piled outside their camper (these are campers not mobile homes) and some of these campers seem like maybe they've been here since the California was declared a state in the late 1800s. A few of them I'm pretty sure, you couldn't tow them anywhere if you wanted to. Some people have put up these "tarp" garages which is nice for them, but it really looks bad. So it just made for an unsightly area. People's things, cars, trucks etc., were hanging out onto the already narrow road. It was a huge disappointment right off the bat. Our Site: Our site backed up to the lake (which was nice), but it was TIGHT. We have a 17 foot travel trailer (no slides) that we tow with an old Land Rover. This is NOT a huge setup. Backed in as far as we could the front bumper of my truck was sticking out on the road. On the hookup side of my trailer they had planted some evergreen trees which gave us a plenty of privacy from neighbors, that worked well, however they were right up against the side of my trailer and the hook ups were buried at the base of the trees. I literally had to get down in the mud on my hands and knees with one shoulder pressed up against the side of the trailer and the rest of my body getting scratched to death by being completely embedded in the trees in order to get everything connected. Our site also sloped toward the lake a little (makes sense) which is sort of a problem for our camper. Our "pipe" is VERY low to to the ground to begin with (clearly not the RV park's fault), but it seems that our site sloped toward the back, away from the hook ups that were mounted in concrete about 3-4 inches above ground level. I put my trailer up on 4 inches of wood and with the slope of the site, we were still in a position where we'd be somehow having to drain significantly UP hill. I'm still not sure how I'm going to make that work. Each site does have a fire ring (one of the reasons we chose this place), this was great because we like to use our dutch oven and cook as much as we can over the fire. It's nice. Well, this fire ring is a rusty tire rim, tossed on the slope of mud between our camper and the lake and filled with garbage. It sat at about a 30 degree angle and was literally FILLED with trash. Non-burnable, nasty trash. Cigarette packs, Styrofoam bait containers with rotting worms in it, half full plastic water bottles, a few dozen feet of tangled fishing line with rusty hooks still attached etc. It was nasty. I also found used rubber gloves (apparently from the previous people's final dump) laying in our site. I spent the first few hours of our stay, CLEANING up our site (filled an entire garbage bag). Not the way I would expect to start out. There is a nice concrete patio with a picnic table (adorned with a skillfully carved AC/DC logo). This site is situated almost parallel to the shore line of the lake. So when we open our camper door we have a very nice view of the lake. It's nice that we are not staring directly at the "business side" of another camper. This arrangement results in very sharp "pie-shaped" living area, the big end of the triangle being toward the front of the camper and the small angle being at the back. So we have this 3 foot bit of concrete patio with a picnic table (that barely fits, then a 6-inch concrete drainage channel then the fire pit, then it slopes off into the lake. In order to use the patio and the table you are constantly stepping in/over this concrete drainage channel. It's VERY dangerous in my opinion. Adding a metal grate or something would SERIOUSLY make all the difference in the world. The Store: Just a warning. The camp store doesn't appear to be run by the campground. It's actually a convenience store like the kind attached to a gas station and serves the public as well as registered campers/residents. The store is a little creepy. It gets a TON of traffic late into the night. (I'm not actually sure how late it's open, but well after dark for sure.) There are people coming and going, buying liquor and various tobacco products. I did buy some beer while I was in there, they have a good selection and the staff is VERY nice. You just kind of have to wonder what ELSE may be being sold in that store, you know? Summary: The staff is nice and helpful. They even called me in my car when we weren't here when we said we were, and helped get us turned around when we missed the exit. Very nice. The pool area and the one area near the bathrooms/showers seem to be "Newer" and the presence of new-looking concrete and wooden structures (hand rails, decks, fencing etc.), indicate that maybe renovations have been recently done or are at least a very slow on going process. This place has a LOT of potential but requires a TON of work. The final thing I'd like to mention regarding this park, is that it sits in a little creek valley 250 yards wide (at it's widest) in between I-15 and old highway 395. The road noise is CONSTANT an very loud and 24/7. It never gets quiet. At this point, I don't see us returning until we see a sign on the road (or website) saying "Renovations Complete!" or "Newly reconfigured and remodeled." I'm not sure what they can do about the road noise, that's just a location thing so it's hard to knock them for that. They could also work on cleaning up the sites after people leave.
rating [ 3/10 ]
I guess I'll start with the good part. The park is high up in the mountains in a beautiful setting. It's heavily wooded and cool in the summer. The RV sites are poorly marked and nearly impossible to find after dark. Once you locate the sites are difficult to distinguish one from the other. These sites are right on top of one another, and leave little to no room for your tow vehicle. The layout of the park is pretty much a jumbled mess of private cabins, permanent campsites, rental houses, play grounds and group function areas. I'm never sure if I'm walking in someone's back yard or on public use areas. Overall, we are very disappointed and will probably not stay here again.
rating [ 10/10 ]
My wife and I love this park. We've stayed here twice now and have had such a great experience that we plan on staying here again and again. PROS: The entire place is VERY well groomed and maintained. Location is perfect. Close to several wineries and the scenery is amazing. Price is reasonable, there is a huge variety of sites to choose from, concrete, crushed granite, back in, pull through, nice dog walking areas, etc. Cons: Few. But the crushed granite sites ARE messy with the dogs and the feet. Nightmare. We'll probably get a concrete site next year. Sites are a bit close together, but that's pretty typical of RV parks.
rating [ 10/10 ]
This is our second time staying at this park. Last year for New Years and this year for Christmas. My wife and I love this RV Park. Probably our favorite at this point. Everything here is well taken care of, clean, groomed, people are nice, free coffee in the store, registration is nice and easy, they take all the discounts, etc. Just everything we've come to expect at an RV park. SITES: They have a variety of sites from gravel back-ins to concrete back-ins with grills, and gravel pull-through and concrete pull-through. Sites are a little close to each other not leaving a ton of room for our Land Rover we pull our trailer with, at least in the small back-in site we had. There are little grass patches between the sites with picnic tables. Very nice well done. PARK: Again well groomed facility, grass looks nice, dirt and gravel sites and areas are well taken care of. They have two 2 dog parks that are small but REALLY nice. Bags and a garbage can are provided for clean up. There are nice bathrooms with showers, a "club house" where it looked like there was a "Camperee" having some sort of banquet there last year, lots of big rigs. People tend to dress nicer then normal. There is a walking path to the Firestone Winery next door. OVERALL: Location. Wow, this park is located in the heart of Paso Robles wine country. There are vineyards in every direction and there are plenty of tasting rooms within a short drive to visit. Easily do five before lunch. We love staying here and will continue to come here as long as we can.
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