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rating [ 2/10 ]
Upon check in we thought this was a really nice campground. It ended up being a nightmare camping trip. After starting to set up at our site, we found we had no electricity. Three out of the four campers that we were camping with had this problem. I don't know what they would have done if they were booked up, I guess we would have had to go home instead of switching sites. They have a stray dog on the campground that barks and howls all night long, that they claim they cannot catch. I didn't see anyone trying to catch it all weekend. The rules clearly state no loud dogs, so I guess if my dog would have barked all night I would have been asked to leave the premises. We were told not to leave our trash cans outside of our campers because the stray dog will dump it. So all weekend our trash had to stay inside our camper, until it was full and we brought it to the front dumpster. I have never heard of anything so obsurd on a campground. I guess they don't realize what a liability they have on their hands if their "stray" dog bites someone. They have a nice restaurant with really good food, but they act like they don't want to serve you. If you are in the service business you should definitely try to accommodate your "Paying" customers. We tried to eat on 1:00 Sunday, they close at 2:00, but they would have only had enough food to feed 4 out of 10 of us. I am not sure why, they were not busy all weekend. They only had one other group of campers there this weekend. I hate to see what happens if they ever get booked up. This was my first and last trip to Sweetwater.
rating [ 1/10 ]
If you are planning on camping here, make sure you check all of their rules. This was the worst camping trip I ever experienced and I will not return, nor will any of our friends. First of all they made us move our golf cart trailer twice. They do not allow trailers in the grass, so the day attendant moved it for us to the concrete next to our vehicle, then the evening attendant told us we had to move it to the front. We didn't bring our locks for the trailer, so we refused to move it unless they would take responsibility for the trailer if it was stolen. They refused to take responsibility, so they let us keep it on the concrete. But they do let the buses keep their car trailers on the grass. Another reason I will not return is that the children cannot ride their battery operated four wheelers and cars. It is against their rules. I was told by the manager that they could ride their bikes, and when I told her my 7 year old nephew was handicap and he could not ride a bike that is why his parents brought his four wheeler, she told me and my husband that "you just have to understand that some kids will be left out of things no matter where you go". Talk about a low blow. How can you feel that way against a child that is handicap? What a heartless person. The final reason I will not return is that when I told the manager this was my first and last visit there, she told me it didn't matter because they are booked every weekend with waiting list, so I guess they don't need people like us there. I doubt they are booked up every weekend, because this weekend (4th of July weekend) they had 20 sites open on Sunday night. We were told by the manager that it was for the child's safety not to let them ride their battery operated four wheelers. In that case it is not safe for them to ride their bikes either, because they can ride out in front of a car with a bike just like a battery operated toy. I can understand that if you are not watching your children it is a hazard. But my nephew was riding behind his camper on the grass with four adults supervising him. They had many upset children that couldn't ride their battery operated vehicles.
rating [ 10/10 ]
The owners of this campground are extremely nice. We stayed here for Hurricane Katrina for 2 weeks. The owners made every effort to accommodate us in our time of need. They treated us like family. Overall the campground is extremely clean and the cabins are gorgeous. My parents stayed in a cabin while we were there. Cabins are very roomy and the way they are decorated makes you feel at home. We plan on camping there again soon, the only thing that stops us from camping more often is the drive. It is located 3 and a 1/2 hours from my house. This campground rates a 20 on my scale.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Our most recent visit to Natalbany Creek was for Easter 2006. This is a very nice campground. We have camped there twice in 2005 and four times in 2006 and plan on returning a few more times this year. The staff is extremely nice. The campground was very clean every time we visited. There is a truck stop with a restaurant in the front of the campground. Lots for the kids to do. Trails in the back for bikes and golf carts, game rooms in every laundry room and one in the office in the front. Clean swimming pool. Play area for kids, basketball & volleyball courts. Very clean bath houses and laundry rooms. Nice lake for fishing. This is the best campground I have ever visited.
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