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rating [ 7/10 ]
We made our reservations 4 days in advance and looked forward to a nice vacation. Activities for the kids, strolling along Holly lake, and relaxing by the pool. When we arrived, there was a sign stating the pool was closed, truth is, it had never open for the season. I had found this out from a seasonal camper, he said it was later and later every year. This wouldn't have upset me but there was no mention made when we made the reservations. There were other things like: 1) no activities for the kids other than the weekend. 2) Most transient sites were covered in three inches of rotting leaves and when I went to find a rake at the office I was told someone would be out, never came. 3) Camp store looked more like the hardware aisle at 7-11. Very little use and all over priced. 4) Bingo is held in a storage barn where the keep the farm equipment for the petting zoo. On a warm evening it's pretty ripe. 5) The roads, some of the turns are so sharp I had to three-point-turn with just my SUV. I couldn't imagine doing it hooked-up. There was good to be found also, the staff in the camp store/diner were great, the sites were wooded and fairly level, and petting zoo, gotta love a petting zoo. I don't want you to think Holly lake is bad place to stay, this could be a premiere campground with some work. So if you go, just ask questions like "Is the pool open?" and be prepared to rake.
rating [ 7/10 ]
This campground is nice and very clean, but doesn't really stand out. It's kind of like vanilla ice cream. Not as much for the kids to do and the walk from the site to the camp store is a hike. One funny note, one of the carved wooden signs pointing out the way to the bath house, actually reads "BATHOUSE". The owners were very nice also.
rating [ 9/10 ]
We have stayed here for one week every year for 3 years now. One of our favorite places to camp. Things for the kids to do, swimming lake AND pool, Fishing and all. This year we'll be going back, but will have to see how things are now that the campground is not family owned anymore.
rating [ 6/10 ]
My family and I have camped here a few times. The over all was good. I too camped along the swamp land, and once was put into a campsite so small that I had to enter the next campsite to walk around the picnic table. There is not a lot for the kids to do if you're staying in the park. The owners are very nice.
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