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rating [ 9/10 ]
We stay here regularly because we like the access to the boat ramp they have. It is heavily covered with tree's so there is no satellite access. The work campers keep the restrooms pretty clean and the campground is clean. We usually come here on the weekends.
rating [ 10/10 ]
My family and I camped here 5/13-5/19. The campground appeared very clean. The restrooms were cleaned every other day and were well stocked with toilet paper. I was told by a store employee that they renovated both of their cabins and are in the process of renovating the cottage with plans of purchasing additional cabins. The store employee's were very helpful and friendly during our stay. The pool was opened 3 days before we checked out and we did enjoy that. We were told the lake is stocked with fish, but we did not fish while we were there. We stayed on a 50 amp FHU site and found that our power and water pressure were adequate. There is a Wi-Fi hotspot around the store area. There are some potholes as mentioned by previous reviewers, but there is also a 15MPH speed limit sign so if you go slow enough they shouldn't cause any issues. We have stopped here a couple times in the past and I am glad we did not listen to some of the past reviews of this campground, because we thoroughly enjoyed it and will be back.
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