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rating [ 9/10 ]
This is one of my favorite campgrounds in NH. If you looking for someone who really tells it like it is, it's me. I won't give a campground a good rating unless it deserves it, and this campground is great. Sites are spacious enough, and the campground is active but not noisy. The only issue: our camping neighbor's dog came over to our site to do its business. We scared it away, and our neighbor came over and cleaned it up. Pets are supposed to be leashed, and I'm sure if we had complained the staff would have done something. We felt it was taken care of just fine. The staff is friendly and helpful. We have an RV and camped near the river. For those of you who have tents there are some great options along the river where RVs don't fit.
rating [ 7/10 ]
We stayed for 4 days in August. The campground is quiet, and they have an excellent camp store with almost anything you could want and more. The staff was friendly and helpful. The only down side to this campground is that the sites are not as spacious as I like, and the roads leading through the camp ground are very very tight, not easy to maneuver with an RV or travel trailer bigger than 21 feet. I also would not swim in the lake - use the pool.
rating [ 5/10 ]
I read quite a few great post about Mi-Te-Jo Campground and decided to book a weekend there. We were so very disappointed. Although the campground is very clean, lots of activities for kids and the staff is excellent, the sites were absolutely horrible. In all the years that I have been camping, I have never, ever seen sites packed so closely together. It appeared as though the owners were trying to use up every single bit of space, at the expense of the campers comfort. There is no privacy and some sites should not even be considered sites such as the ones on the end of the loops. I wish that people giving reviews here would have mentioned the sardine packed sites. We would have spent our money elsewhere.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Although this campground is well maintained, it is very small and tightly packed. The sites are more like parking spaces than actual camp sites, with little to no privacy from your camping neighbors on all sides. The majority of the sites are located up a steep hill and you have to squeeze over to let someone pass. There is a large grassy area on the hill which could be expanded to acommodate RVs/campers but as it stands today if you venture too far to the left or right you end up in a ditch. Most camper owners had trucks or SUVs and even parking the vehicle on the site with the camper was a problem. Some vehicles had no choice but to stick out beyond their parking area making it difficult to maneuver your RV entering or leaving your space. The staff is excellent to deal with and this KOA is pet friendly. Unfortunately, that alone is not enough to get us to come back. It's ok to have a small campground but packing campers is so tight makes me think that it's more about the campground getting money than an enjoyable experience for the camper.
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