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rating [ 5/10 ]
We can only verify what other campers wrote and add some further experiences. The WiFi is NOT worth purchasing when there are leaves on the trees (that's the explanation we received from one of the resident/retiree/employees who was probably the only pleasant employee we spoke with). There was a serious problem with broken washing machines (almost three quarters of them were out of order), but this fact was apparently not of sufficient importance to cause any of the three underwhelming teenage employees at the main desk to even make a note. On the plus side, there's an interesting water slide, which costs extra. The traffic noise from nearby Route 15 (and don't bother trying the sites out back--as someone here advised--as they are just incrementally less noisy) becomes a kind of white noise after awhile. If you go, run down to the main National Park building and rent a guy who drives you around in your car and, for the course of an incredible hour and a half, explains the Battle of Gettysburg to you and your spouse for forty bucks, plus twenty tip, and makes the experience so incredible that you end up being some kind of Civil War geek for a few days... There's a lounge/pub, to the left of the hotel with the restaurant, in the rotary downtown that's worth trying. Once again, the hourly (and mostly teenage) employees are adjuncts to useless and should be avoided, and given the (unacknowledged and unresolved) problems we experienced, we'll try Artillery Ridge next time.
rating [ 9/10 ]
While there probably is a nicer campground somewhere, we've never seen anything like this. We'll call it nine out of ten in the hopes that a perfect campground exists somewhere. Until we find it this is the best by far! Everything you'd find at other, top-end campgrounds, but little extras that really made our week-long stay memorable. For instance, call "Transportation" at the casino, and they'll send a bus to your site (always within five or so minutes) and drop you off anywhere at this golf-course laden resort. (Built at the beginning of the golf boom fifteen or twenty years ago, this campground has a wealth of under-used courses of varying difficulty.) Here's one thing that was just really well-thought-out: behind each site is a clean trashcan, which is emptied every morning (we never even saw this happening) and the liner is replaced. Great running trails and a really warm pool. Nice clientele, too: lots of attractive campers working out every morning. Adds to the visual aesthetic. A beautiful woodsy feel with nicely landscaped sites. Try the one-hour massage at the spa--it'll run you a buck and a quarter with tip factored in, but it'll make you smile every time you lose at the casino, with its slightly worse odds than most casinos (as a matter of fact, we never saw anyone hit a sizable win), and speaking of casinos, the whole place, restaurants included, are dry/BYOB, which means you get the added treat of no wine with your meals, but also of watching eighteen year-olds blow money at the tables, money they will likely never even earn (since, ergo, they're gambling away their college tuition, but that's another story). Excellent cable selection, fast WiFi (always more important to us than cable), a really nice three-star (our rating) Italian restaurant in the casino, and if one of your tires "experiences failure" (isn't that a precious way to describe it), and you punk out and replace the whole back axle's worth, you'll end up calling off the other helpful campers (thanks again, guys) and get four new back tires from some really nice place in Oneida at a good price, installed at your site. A really classy place that's surrounded by casino fun.
rating [ 6/10 ]
With the bridge construction (with no completion date announced), the closing of the old campground, and the addition of campsites on the perimeter, a recent overnight visit confirmed our thoughts from last year's visit: this otherwise excellent campground is temporarily (and we hope "very temporarily") just too busy, too loud, and too crowded for us to enjoy ourselves. It's hard to walk our dogs now and we find ourselves going out to the great restaurants in Rehobeth and shopping more than lying on the beach or reading at our site. You'll appreciate the nice staff, and the beach is great at 35 bucks a night (instead of a grand and then some for a week rent nearby at some loud condo), but a word to the wise: go early in the summer, before school lets out, or well after Labor Day, when it gets quiet, and you'll enjoy birdwatching, bicycling, running on the beach, and having a quiet glass of wine watching the sun set.
rating [ 8/10 ]
We stayed here twice in the last four weeks, and we also recommend this nice, always-improving campground. It's pretty quiet on weekdays and gets pretty near full on weekends. There's probably a 10 percent full-time to 90 percent overnighter ratio. We towed and there's a nice, clean diner a half mile south on Route 30, plus a great hibachi/sushi place halfway to Atlantic City, which is fifteen minutes from the CG. Some reviewers have touched on the concrete slabs that the new owners inherited from some renovation project a decade or so ago (gauged by their apparent age) and the way the slabs slim-out the sites a bit. Sure, it's a little tight (but we can still get our slider out and awning down) and it's safer and cleaner in our book to step down onto concrete (as opposed to say, mud, dirt, or stone). Two issues: the WiFi is a bit sketchy when the line-of-sight to the transmitter is blocked by a row of metal RVs, especially during the weekends, and the sewer can overflow a bit on the sites closest to Route 575 adjoining the main driveway; the overflow problem happened on both visits and is a bit unsettling to one's appetite.There's a nice big open field on the campground that is good for kids to run around in and for walking dogs. The owners are nice, as are their two kids (or son and his gf/wife), and last time we watched as some guy brodied his fifth-wheel too wide on a turn (going too fast, in our opinion), in the dark, and really dinged a permanent resident's pickup. The owner is so nice that there was no exchange of insurance papers and the busted brake/turn light and lens were replaced the next morning (by the fifth-wheeler, from a junk yard the owner knew about, nearby) and everyone was happy (he should run for office!!!). Even though it borders an airport, it's mostly an infrequent gulf stream with some whale (i.e., big gambler) being flown in. And it's nice and quiet during the evening until usually about 8 or later in the morning. Things improved since our first visit: there was a new carpet and furniture by the pool/hot tub, the other campers are friendly and nice, and, who knows, we might win big at Caesar's next time! We're going back before it gets too cold.
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