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rating [ 7/10 ]
This is camping like I remembered as a kid. No restrictions on the number of people at a site, lots of tent and pop-up campers, no strict security, lots of kids and families around. The 'lake' is more like a large pond that you can fish in, and there is a stream for the kids to play in. I was able to drive right in, set up on my site, and then drove around to find the office. No security at all, not even car tags. But it is in the middle of nowhere, and I felt safe. The showers are very basic - no temperature control, timed push-button on a concrete slab, but they do the trick. Sinks and mirrors are outside (each bathroom and shower is an exterior door). The huge lure of this place is that it is only a few miles away from Knoebels amusement park - which is absolutely the most family-friendly and fun park for young and old on the east coast. If you're looking for something a little more gentrified, there is another park up the road, but I personally enjoyed the energy of Lake Glory. One hint - if you are coming from the south, ignore your GPS and come up through Elysburg (901 to 54 to 487), much easier (wider roads, less hills) approach.
rating [ 8/10 ]
Pretty good campground, but a little pricey. Bath house was clean; showers had unbelievable water pressure. Staff was friendly, good camp store. No camp fires at your site, but lots of people do them on the beach at night. Beach was not crowded, but surf could be too rough for younger kids. Location is good for relaxing and enjoying the local scenery and watersports.
rating [ 10/10 ]
Great campsite, very clean and well kept. Has a good camp store and the best bath house I've seen. Pool was nice, and small lazy river was good for relaxing. Seasonal sites were more like homes - very well kept up. We got a site right next to the water with only a sand dune between us and the beach. Mostly pull-through sites, level and include a covered picnic table. Will definitely stay here again.
rating [ 6/10 ]
This is a pretty nice campground, found it clean and well maintained. Staff was friendly enough, nice little catch and release pond, new jumping pillow for the kids. The park seems to cater to the seasonal campers, thus little activities planned, and would not likely be well-attended anyway. Found the campsite to be a little pricey at $110 for 2 nights for 2 adults and one 6 year old. Put-put golf was $3.50 per person, per game, and it was nothing special. The game room was ok, but the ticket machine (those silly coupon tickets you win at skee-ball to exchange for chinese plastic junk that's going to end up under your car seat only to be found 8 years later), that counted your tickets and printed a receipt only ate tickets. Camp store knew it was out of order, but said it wasn't their machine, and they already knew about it. At least put up an out-of-order sign: sheesh. I (or the 6-year-old), could care less about this, but the wife made me take a point off (she would have given a 1 rating if it were up to her). Shrugs. All in all it was not bad to get away for the weekend, and it's super close to home. If the wife gets over the ticket thing, we'll be back.
rating [ 5/10 ]
Well, I booked this trip BEFORE I read the reviews - almost a big mistake. First, the roads are as bad advertised. I have a 26' TT, and the twisting, very bumpy roads consistently put me within inches of trees on both sides. Drive VERY slow and you can make it, but I have no idea how a big rig can get through there. My biggest complaints about the park all took place within the first 2 hours of check in. The lady at the front desk gave me a map and in big black marker showed me exactly where to go to get to my site. If you go, DO NOT FOLLOW HER INSTRUCTIONS! These are pull through sites (if that's what you want to call them), so I followed her instructions. Very nearly got stuck / damaged my TT following the road the WRONG way (you needed to loop around and come from the other direction). So I get to my site, and it is a mess! It was a former seasonal site, and was full of trash, concrete cinder blocks, broken up sewer hose, etc. The sewer hookup (only found it by tracing the old sewer hose, under a pile of leaves) was about 50' from the water and electric, they were on opposite corners of the lot. After 20 minutes of trying to figure it out, I called back to the office and moved a couple spots up to where I could make it work. There were all seasonals around me, and an abandoned trailer in the next site (someone just dragged it there on flat tires, broken awning, etc). The site was a good sized lot, and flat. So that's the bad part, but this place kind of grew on me. The seasonal neighbors were all friendly and helpful, the pool was decent, and the location was excellent. They have a large animal area with goats, deer, and donkeys. There is another area with three very big peacocks and a lookout platform that looks out over the marsh area. The tower was a death trap, though - don't let small kids go unattended! This park is very large, and broken up in 2 large sections. We stayed in the section closest to the main gate and camp store. The sites in this area (the park looked ~90% full) were ALL seasonals, so that may account for the difficulties I had getting set up. The other section might be a little more over-night friendly. The bathhouse was OK, but was a horror-show one morning, so I never went back. (I don't blame the park for the disgusting behavior of some people) I can understand the low ratings, based on the frustration I felt the first day. But this isn't that bad of a place, and is probably a great place to have a seasonal (it's pretty cheap).
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